Saturday, December 24, 2005

November 25, 2005

26 years after the Trudeau meeting with Lennon, Martin attempts a similar photo op, but this time things go horribly wrong. It wasn't enought that Martin was lectured by the other Beatle, Paul McCartney earlier in the week on the seal hunt in Canada, but he later heard it from his old friend Bono. The U2 singer did not take well to the broken promises and to Martin's inemic response to African Aid. What should have been another photo op, wasn't.

Bono indicated that he was "crushed", and was "...mystified actually by the man at this point ... I just think it's a huge opportunity that he's missing out on." He went on to say "...I think he will hear about it and feel it in the election, I'm absolutely sure of that -- this is not to be underestimated,"

Not quite the same result as the Trudeau-Lennon love in of '69.