Wednesday, February 08, 2006

3. Stephane Dion

Is there a more qualified candidate at this stage?

We have added Mr. Dion to our list of Next Face candidates rasing the total now to three. Stephane Dion has the remarkable privilege of being one of the few members of parliament that survived the Chretien - Martin feud and was actually welcomed back my Paul in spite of his allegiance to Jean, becoming the Minister of the Environment in Martin's cabinet. An ardent federalist, and a professional politician, Dion could become the odds on favorite in the run up to the Liberal leadership convention.

If you believe in the often quoted "alternating theory of Liberal leadership" (anglo, francophone, anglo etc.), then he could be the man!

Current odds : 5 : 1


Andy said...

Mr. Dion is a man when he touches the gold, this precious metal will be converted into a priceless and very cheap metal.

Mr. Dion feels more than he thinks; he mostly verbalize his emotions without bringing the wisdom and rationality to the context of polictis.

My advice:

Mr. Dion need to know that the field of politics is not the field of emotions and sympathy for :Paul Martin and his friends. For the politics of the 21st century, Mr. Dion needs to change hismelf as the time changes itself.

I say to him:
Mr. Dion change yourself, change your life.

I have written many emails because of GULAG of unemployment, poverty and humiliation of scientists and academic immigrants to Mr. Dion in the last 2 years; but he was not able to be responsible; mostly he ignored my voice!

I say him: change yourself first, then think about changing of the Liberals.

fiddlefaddle said...

"- If you believe in the often quoted "alternating theory of Liberal leadership" (anglo, francophone, anglo etc.) "
Here we go again! The paint is hardly dry on walls and your already trying to forget about the west. How about a candidate from Alberta?
Perhaps we could get Harper to cross the floor. No? Well then, there's always ..................
well, besides me there's..........
OK. Your right. Let's go with Stephane. At least in Southern Alberta we'll be able to spell his name what with the arrival of Dion Phanuef to the Flames. There may even be some name transference and Liberal endorsement to take advantage of.
On the other hand, Don't you think the dragon lady from Hamilton would absolutely scare .... out of Conservative MP's? Forget substance. If the USA can bring in .... (that demented guy. What's was his name?) and George Bush you gotta know all it takes is a song and dance man/women and Shelia qualifies and does add substance.
How about Charest? Since the floor crossing/integrity things no longer an issue, here's a guy that's crossed a few times already. We can say, he had epiphany and they can't say anything because he left them a long time ago.
Isn't it time Mercer entered politics? He can't be making that much money (CBC and all) and given the retirement benefits now on stream even Reform said, "what the hey. We ain't gettin' left out".
Yeh, that's it. Let's draft Mercer!

Andy said...

If Mr. Stephane Dion would like to be a carbon copy of Paul Martin in the Liberal Party, I would like suggest him to call Mr. David Herle et al , who can show him how to have the offshore Bank Accounts in the save havens.

Mr. Dion knows exactly, the Kyoto Protocol's architect is Mr. Maurice F. Strong, who was the friend of Paul Martin sr.(father of Paul Martin).
The father of Paul Martin appointed Mr. Maurice F. Strong as the head of the foreign aids.

Mr. Maurice F. Strong helped to Paul Martin jr. as he was a student at the university; Paul Martin worked as a driver to Maurice F. Strong; later Maurice took him to Mr. Paul Desmarais, Chirman of the Power Corporation in Montreal.

Mr. Maurice F. Strong got a job as the president; in 1975 Mr. Martin got a job in Canadian Steamship Lines (CSL). Mr. Martin and Mr. Laurence Pathy, together bought CSL from Mr. Paul Desmarais in 1983.

The Kyoto conference happened in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan.

I was in Kyoto in the time of conference.

Mr. Stephene Dion knows beyond of the Kyoto Protocol is a huge influence and wealath; it is not only the environemental issue; it is mostly the political and econmical issues.

Mr. George W. Bush knows very well who is Mr. Maurice FR. Strong, who worked as the deputy of the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Mr. Maurice F. Strong and his son Fred Strong, apparently are working in the environemental issues, but both of them are related to the giant corporations and rich businessmen around the world.

Mr. Maurice F. Strong is one of those persons who plays with Mr. Klaus Schwab for Davos conference in the Switzerland, where all influenetial politicians and businessmen are gathering.

How can expect from those politicians and businessmen who are the major responsibles and factors of pollutions around the world, are the friends of Mr. Maurice F. Strong?

Mr. Maurice F. Strong has a dual personality; from one side he makes propaganda for the environment and from other side he makes money by co-operation with the giant corporations; those responsible for the pollution.

Mr. Stephane Dion was and is the supporter of Mr. Paul Martin and his mentor, namely Mr. Maurice F. Strong.

They are not going to help to the environmental problems; they are collecting wealth and influence in the politics.

Thank you

tobias said...


take a pill and chill man.
you and those like you would have the Liberal party change its name to the PC party - the Politically Correct party.

jeeez, it is getting so that you can't write a post without "...offending the west...", or "...forgetting about the west..."

haven't you heard?
the west is in baby!

fiddlefaddle said...

tobias. You smearing' the west again? Whata ya got against the west, eh? We say "eh", out here to man. I suppose you snear at drinkin' beer too .... And you call yourself Canadian! Ha. No wonder we want take our bse cattle and seperate.
Speaking of BSE, today the Alberta government announced the opening of a "super" lab right here in Alberta where we can shoot, shovel and shut up with a higher level of government control.
(anyone out there still eating cow?)

tobias said...

Actually ff we love the west.
This country can find its soul in the west.

Next Face has travelled to Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Camrose, Hay River, Duncan, Dawson Creek, Grand Prarie, Winkler, Estevan, Red Deer, Burnaby, Squamish, Whistler, Vernon, Kelowna, Lloydminster, Lacombe, Wetaskawin, Prince Albert, Barrhead, Airdrie, Lethbridge and Ft McMurray to name a few.

This is one beautiful country.
Our diversity unites us.

Andy said...

I agree with the idea of Tobia for diversity and unity.
Tobias knows ver well, Canada needs the national unity by having its own diversity.

The molecular biology of Paul Martin for his specific DNA for the national unity is something awful and is based on Eugenics of the central Europe in 1933.

The brotherhood for the national unity would mean the elimination of GULAG of unemployment, povert, discrimination, racism, humiliation, slavery and the gradual deaths.

The national unity is not using of the horses for ride in the style of Paul Martin in the election for propagation of his DNA in the West provinces of Canada.

Mr. Stephane Dion remains loyal to Paul Martin and his intersts.

Look at the films of Mr. Stephane Dion with Paul Martin in the House!

How enthusistically and emotionally he was verbalizing his emotions for his Paul Martin?

The founder of GULAG of poverty is for Mr. Stephane Dion, symbol of his career.

Mr. Stephane Dion has not learned the alphabet of independency and independent thinking in the politics.

He would like to grasp to the pant of Captain Paul Martin and to be his darling everywhere!

Do the Liberals have any future with this emotionally loaded Stephane Dion?

Mr. Stephane Dion must learn how to separate hismself from those officers of GULAG, who have expanded the poverty, gangs, guns and crimes throughout Canada.

SEA Of RED said...

OK. Enough. When are you all going to learn that whenever a Liberal from Quebec is elected to the Office of the Prime Minister, it is a license to print SCANDAL. ENOUGH!!!! It's equivalent to having organized crime run the Canadian mint. Wait a minute, GOMERY has that covered already. Never mind. No one hates the's just we wonder what your true agenda is.Maybe it's time for someonoe from the Maritimes to step in. Hell, it can't hurt. Imagine the parties!! But please, give Quebec a rest. It almost seems as if we elect a Liberal leader from Quebec just to appease them. Enough. They will never separate and even if they voted to, where would they go??? France doesn't want them. And how long do you think it will take them to pay back their share of the deficit?? They are still paying for that monument to the GODS better known as Olympic Stadium. Finally, TOBIAS?? Buy IZP....Please people, forget about Mr. Dion...I've had my fill. Maybe Danny Williams is interested???

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

We dont want anyone in office tied to power corp. So that means, no NDP, no PC and no libral. We only have Green party that is the next major contendor. But there is a slight problem with that.

We must stand up to the NAFTA agreemnet and declair it null and void. I would say a public investigation into anyone tied to the agreement and in canadian politics at the time of the signings. See if they were on the take. Also the fact that fair dealings have been broken with the soft lumber issue.

another one as an example:

In one case directed at the U.S., a panel ruled against a challenge by the Canadian funeral company Loewen even though the panel agreed that Loewen had been treated with "manifest injustice" by U.S. courts. Just this month, a panel ruled against Canadian investor Methanex's challenge to California's ban on a gasoline additive. It even awarded costs to the U.S. government that were 30 per cent higher than what the U.S. had sought.

In contrast, when Canada tried to restrict the use of a different gasoline additive, MMT, a Chapter 11 challenge persuaded our government to withdraw the legislation, pay compensation and issue an apology.

I know that with a public investigation, evidance will be found. Coupled hipocritcal trade practices. The green party could have major provision written into the NAFTA or have it anulled do to breach of contract.

Green Party would also have to say NO to the SPP, since this in no way helps Canadians.

Canada is being sued over everything that privatering companys want to own that belongs to the crown(belongs to us). Because they say its not fair business investment practices, something along that line.

We also have to make sure the ISP awnser for their crimes in breach of privacy policys for deep packet inspection.

We have to say no to Americas DCMA for Canada resolutions.

We as a nation are being sold out to large american corperate conglomerates.

If any of you belong to the green party, forward this and insist it be the top priorities, in this fall election hopefully thats when it takes place.

Green party you are our only hope left. Dont be perswaded by money. Maybe Google can help you. Dont be affriad to stand up to this evil.

Regards, one sad Canadian