Friday, February 17, 2006

Beware the Messiah.

Next Face is enjoying some attention on some popular sites today. Several including have referenced AP's comment " Beware the Messiah" and we have seen some heavy traffic as a result.

If you have not read AP's Comment of the Week, do yourself a favour. Important dialogue in the Next Face debate.


Andy said...

If Next Face is enjoying some attention on some popular sites today, it is because of the relection of different views in political issues.
Nextface is interesting and attractive.
If Sheila Copps helps and writes more, we would be very happy.
I did read in newspaper, she has broken her foot in Mexico; I pray for her health.
Sheila Copps knows those Liberals who are honest and sincere.
Some Liberals want to honour her works since 1970s on March 23, 2006.
Many Liberals have confirmed their participation in this party and celebration for respecting of Sheila's works.
She is daughter of the mayor of Hamilton, who served over 14 years in this city.

Sheila Copps has worked for Canada and people of Canada.

Sheila Copps speaks Italian, French, and English; she has very good communication with many communities.

The most important issue is that Sheila Copps has no arrogance; she behaves good with all people.

The celebration for honouring of Sheila Copps will be in the beginning of spring; the season of flower and beauty.

On March 23, 2006, Sheila Copps will be honoured for her works to Canada.

Since 1970s, she has given her life to people of Canada.

No matter how deeply Paul Martin, David Herle and Tony Valeri caused harms to the health and career of Sheila Copps, Sheila Copps is respected by everyone in Canada.

Nextface can do the best respect for Sheila if it invites people for
participation in honouring.

Canada needs good politicians like Sheila Copps.

Canada needs to condemn those Liberals, who are not honest and are opportuunists.

I would be very happy if I read more articles and news about Sheila Copps in Nexrface.

TonyGuitar said...

Yes Sheila Copps does have some good qualities.

It may be to her advantage that she was not part of the Adscam inner circle.

It would be refreshing to hear her ideas of which liberal MPs should be culled out of the Liberal party so that it may regain some small measure of respect in the eyes of Canadian voters.

There has to be some seperating out of Chretienite bag men in order to restore any trust for the Liberal party.

Any suggestions of who those MPs should be would be most welcome.

I will be the first to admit there are many bright and helpful liberals, however, it is a shame that none spoke up about scamming our revenues.

True, whistle blower law [bill C-11] was without penalties and so was virtually useless. [offered no protection].

Not surprising then that liberals were reluctant to put a stop to frauds galore when it meant reprisals and loss of bonuses and the job too.

Three cheers for Allan Coulter. TG

TonyGuitar said...

Sorry, Cutler. There are so many Coulters and Cutlers in government, I can't keep them all straight in mind. TG

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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