Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Next Face Poll.

Please visit and vote.

Current Odds :
Michael Ignatieff 4:1, Stephane Dion 5:1, Ken Dryden 16:1.

For the next 2 weeks only, your votes could affect our ranking so vote early, vote often.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you included an "other" option.

Fred said...

I like Gerard Kennedy better than any of the choices you've provided.

tobias said...

No doubt Next Face will be considering other candidates in future. At this stage in the process we are trying to gauge the response on the three that we feel are the most qualified for the job.

James Curran said...

I have made a point of saying that French speaking is not really as important as substance. However, it has been noted that Ken Dryden does not speak French. I might add that Dion doesnt speak very good English either. Just to balance it out a bit. In actuality, not many of the leadership candidates speak both languages with "great ease". Iggy is very good though.

The What Do I Know Grit.

Janis said...

You need more candidates in your poll to make it credible. In particular, Gerard Kennedy is a top candidate and should be in the poll.

Steve said...

Your poll is premature to list only three candidates when all the candidates have not even declared yet! This leaves the impression that your preferred candidate is one of the three listed in your poll and this website is really a front to advance a certain candidate. You have not listed any candidates that I would vote for.

tobias said...


It is not a website, it is a blog. Read our Manifesto. We are merely trying to find the best among us. Are you trying to stifle this debate?

Andy said...

George Cloony and Hollywood are making the fim of "Syriana", which is related to oil business; and in Canada, Mr. Bob Rae, the former premier of Ontario, who suggested before the increasing of the tuition and the fees for the student in the universities and colleges has travelled with Mr. Michael Ignatifeff, the strong supporter of wars and hatred to Iraq, Baghdad for showing their solidarity for the expansion of wars in other regions.

Chief of Defence Staff Rick Hillier is very happy that he is such friends who are supporting killing of people and wars.

The Talisman Oil Company, the Heritage Oil company and Power Corporation with co-operation of TotalFinal Elf of France have shown how big and effective the politicians can make profits in countries like Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria and .. in Africa, when they create wars and crises and so they eliminate those people of Africa, who are living near oil field regions.

Mr. Michael Ignatieff is a friend of Mr. Bob Rae, who has his business law office in Bay Street.

Mr. Bob Rae is the brother of Mr. John Rae, a vice-president of Power Corporation; this corporation is working together with TotalFinal Elf Oil Company in Africa, in Middle east and other countries for oil.

During the war in the Sudan, the Power Corporation and his directors made agreements for finding of oil in very populated regions.

Mr. Michale Ignatieff and Mr. Bob Rae are not working for people of
Canada; they are working for their own pockets.

Both of them would like to be connected to the big contracts in the oil businesses.

Don't repeat the mistakes of Paul Martin's era again with choosing of Mr. Michael Ignatieff.

Mr. Michael Ignatieff cannot be a man of honesty and accountability by supporting of wars and hatred.

The human rights and being professor have not taught him to be responsible and accountable.

He is involved in the hatred and all sort of wars by supporting of destructions and vicious policies.

SEA Of RED said...

Andy,,,,No doubt in mind that you have nailed this one. I do not want Mr. Ignatieff leading the Liberal party. In fact, if debate is what Woody TOBIAS Jr. wants, then let the pigeons loose. Are you telling me that these are the 3 best candidates available??? Steven Harper must be quaking in his boots...NOT!!! Come on, none of these 3 ham and eggers will do. They are puppets. As stated earlier, Dryden may make a good second in command but that is as far as I will go. The other 2??? They can wash my car and check the oil and even then I would bring it to a dealer for a second opinion. We need to get someone with back bone...with no real ties to the old, "we did nothing wrong" Liberal regime. Someone mentioned Gerrard Kennedy...Are you for real??? What does he bring to the table besides NOTHING... Let's hope he goes no where near a bridge, late at night, with an unknown passenger. In fact, let us, for a moment, forget any candidates from either Ontario or Quebec or God forbid...BC...I would look to the Maritimes to see if someone with some promise exists...there has to be someone...if not, I will take my chances with Belinda Stronach...if nothing else, her and Wendy Mesley would have some great conversations. Why has Belinda not been given any odds??? I love a long shot. In fact, I would take her over any of the 3. She atleast had the guts to leave the PC's after seeing what a bunch of beetniks they were shaping up to be. You have to love someone that sees an opportunity and goes for it.

Andy said...

If John Turner Turner was a breath of fresh air and he had new ideas. on that time, it does not mean his old ideas have any validities now.

People are changing and the world has been changed.

In 1983 Mr. John Turner was against the Soviet Union and also against Ukrain and the East European countrie, but in 2004-5 he and et al (over 500 people)in coordination with the Western Allies under the leadership of USA travelled to Ukrain for supporting of presidency of Mr. Victor Ushchenko against the Russian backed politicians.

Mr. John Turner didn't go to Ukrain because he was a breath of fresh air and he had new ideas for all Western countries under the Leadership of USA; Mr. Turner coordinated and worked according to the strategic interests of USA and all Western countries in Europe.

The 21-st century is not the century for being Mr. Turner and being a breath of fresh air and having new ideas for Canada, it is the worled for corrrdinating of inetersts of all countries around the world.

If Mr. Michael Ignatieff is working with Mr. Bob Rae and are travelling to Iraq and solidarity with the US soldiers, they know exactly they are working for their long-term interests in oil contracts with the big oil companies.

Mr. John Turner travelled with over 500 Canadians to Ukrain, not because he loved Mr. Viktor Ushchenko, but also this soldiarity with Ushchenko was based on the strategic partnerships of USA and Western Allies.

Mr. George Schultz, Mr. James Baker et al in USA do not need a romantic John Turner, they need a John Turner who can understand the strategic meaning of cooperation with USA and its Western Allies.

The political mentor of Paul Martin, Maurice F. Strong trfied to be in the territrory of the strtegic partnerships with USA, but his own interests in Iraq and Saddam Hussein had caused his deportation from the United Nations to Canada.

The USA won't accept any anarchy for its hegemeony for the leadership.

Mr. Michael Ignatieff, Mr. Bob Rae are small kids for George Schultz, James Bakers et al in USA.

The leadership of the Liberal party must be strong.

The small kids are good for some games of the party in Canada; the world need a strong Liberal party.

Willard said...

Sea of Red,

Alright, perhaps more candidates should have been listed, but I think tobias has made his reasoning clear and I agree with him. What concerns me is that you reject those candidates and instead contemplate your qualified support for Belinda.

Let’s be clear…I am glad Belinda is a part of the Liberal party and in time perhaps she can make a viable run for leadership; however, her jumping from a leadership run in the Conservatives to a leadership run in the Liberals within a couple of years…that just doesn’t look right. If the liberals are looking to heal a divide on the inside, that may not hurt (though she may be slightly too connected with Martin, but not really sure), but to regain the trust of Canadians…hate to break it to you, they still haven’t forgiven her for her jump yet and that will not help the party.

As for a Maritimer…I agree that it shouldn’t matter what part of Canada the leader comes from. Being from BC it would be great to have somebody in the race. That said, as much as I would love to see somebody from BC or even the Maritimes in the race, the region shouldn’t be a determining factor. If we have viable candidates in Ontario, then we should put them forward. Where they are from shouldn’t (though I am not saying it doesn’t) have anything to do with it.

As for Ignatieff being a puppet…I disagree entirely. I think he has demonstrated time and again that he is anything but a puppet. If he was a puppet then he would have followed the Martin line through the campaign and wouldn’t be so candid in his interviews and press releases… The fact is that Ignatieff is only putting forth what he believes in and he stands by what he states. His lack of political polish may hurt him in a leadership run, but at least you know what you are getting. And quite frankly, I like what I have been hearing so far.

mgk said...

Ignatieff may have academic balls, but he certainly does not have the pooitical balls.He' a stranger to this country despite the fact that he may have been born here.He's lost touch with all that is Canadian.Spending all that time abroad certainly removed him from the milieu of Canadian politics.

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