Thursday, February 09, 2006

Prime Minister of Canada?

We swear we had nothing to do with it. Even though we are regarded as one of the first sites that promoted and continue to promote Ken Dryden as a viable candidate for the Next Face of the Liberal party of Canada, we had nothing to do with it.

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    Can you feel the ground swell?
    Can you sense the momentum building?


    Anonymous said...

    James Curran said...

    See my post January 7, 2006.

    "I'll tell you who everyone WAS listening to yesterday. Ken Dryden. Yep. Ken Dryden. He appeared here for our 4 local candidates. He commanded the room. You could hear a pin drop. He spoke of his vision of Canada. His vision of health care, seniors, child care, pensions, the greatness of our country etc..... he had the crowd in his hand. When it all was said and done, no less than 7 people commented to me "Why isn't he the leader of the party?" In other words -as per my previous post- he said what Canadians WANT to hear."

    Some others thought he was good to go.

    Arnone & Co. said...

    James. Looks like we called it.

    Let me know the next time he appears at a venue like that and we will be sure to be there.

    If nothing else, he represents a fresh start.

    SEA Of RED said...

    While growing up as an aspiring goalie wannabe, no two people stood out more to me as idols than Ken Dryden and Tony Esposito. From an intellectual level, no one should ever confuse the 2. A Cornell grad vs. a SteelBack Beer Diploma. Sorry Tony!!Although Mr. Dryden would serve his country well, his kind heart and inabilty to hurt anyone's feelings would rule him out as a prime candidate. He would be an excellent second in command but I'm afraid lacks a razor's edge needed to lead with a firm grip. He can stop pucks but he would take forever to stick handle through a George Bush press conference on the Kyoto Accord. He is too nice of a guy. Now, on the other hand, anyone whose last name is Dion need not apply. In fact, virtually anyone hand picked by either Mr. Chretien or Mr. Martin, need not apply. Go away! We need a fresh face. Can another Pierre Elliot Trudeau be lurking about waiting to seize an opportunity? Mr Harper and his "Deer in the headlights" cabinet will go far in determining who will lead the Liberal party in the next election. Is it just me or is it coincidental that MulrooneyGate has reared it's ugly head (again) shortly after Harper was sworn in? Besides, Stockwell Day a cabinet minister? Has anyone ever seen the movie "The Boys from Brazil"??? Scary stuff. If nothing else, let's here what Frank, I mean Belinda Stronach has to say. Only Peter McKay knows and he and his dog are not talking.

    Anonymous said...

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