Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sheila Copps exclusive on Next Face.

Next Face is honoured to welcome the former Deputy Prime Minister to our blog.

Ms Copps has written - exclusively for Next Face - a scathing indictment of election financing, Martin's hold on power and the rather anemic scope of Gomery's second report.

Look for it tonight at 11:00pm eastern standard time on

    Andy said...

    The deeper truth about Sheila Copps is her non-partisan's role for the vital issues of the politics.
    She likes oppenness and warmth.
    She writes because therough writing she gives to people and kind of impulse for more consciousness.

    Sheila Copps had like other politicians some mistakes, but she learns more to confess to her own errors when she finds them; this is a positive aspect of Sheila Copps.

    Nobody is perfect.

    The most important issue is, she is giving her life for those people, who are looking for an accountable government in Canada, no matter a Liberal government or the Conservatives.

    She workd with the Media Sun in the Toronto Sun, which belongs to Quebecer in Montreal.

    One of the most influential politicians in the Quebecer world is Mr. Brian Mulroney.

    Sheila Copps is working with Brian Mulroney in Media Sun (Quebecer, but both of them they have different visions in the politics.

    If we read the book of Mr. Newman about Brian Mulroney, we see how brutal have been the relations between Sheila Copps and Brian Mulroney.

    We read some bad words or a kind of insulting to Sheila Copps from Brian Mulroney.

    Sheila Copps proved herself and her career in the time of Brian Mulroney as she said: I am not your baby!

    Mr. Crosby and Mr. Sinclair Stevens were against Sheila Copps.

    Some of the mebers of the Conservatives in the House of Commons insulted Sheila Copps with their own bad words.

    Mr. David Herle, the friend and Campaign Manager of Paul Martin did hurt Sheila Copps because Paul Martin wanted so.

    Mr. David Herle, after the era of Jean Chertien got an order from Paul Martin to humiliate her.

    Mr. David Herle called to the chief of staff of Sheila Copps and asked him the suggestion of Paul Martin for using of the patronage appontment.

    Sheila Copps knows very well, the scene of the politics, is full of events, some positive and some negative; this is the meaning of the politics.

    The politics is not a highway for some politicians!

    The politicians must know there are ups and downs.

    Anonymous said...

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