Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Cold Reality of the Leadership Process?

It looks like Belinda took the advice of the editors of Next Face and has elected to not join the race. We - like her - thought that this was not a race that she could win. In her scrum today, she takes a little jab at 'the process', and what she refers to as "..the politics of winning."

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  • Stronach will sit out Liberal race
    Last Updated Thu, 06 Apr 2006 12:12:10 EDT
    CBC News

    Millionaire MP Belinda Stronach announced Thursday that she won't join the federal Liberal leadership race.

    Belinda Stronach, the MP for Newmarket-Aurora in Ontario, ran for the Tory leadership before crossing the floor to join the Liberals.

    "I could have raised the money, I was working on my French, but I realized that I was not going to be free to speak my mind on party renewal," said the member of Parliament for the Toronto-area riding of Newmarket-Aurora.

    She said that renewal would involve giving all party members a direct vote on its direction and leadership, among other things.

    "If there was a one-member, one-vote system, I would run," she said.

    Currently, she added, "It's about the politics of winning, not winning with ideas."

    Stronach said she will continue to be a committed member of the party, and signalled that she is open to approaches from Liberal leadership candidates looking for her support in the competition to replace former prime minister Paul Martin at the helm of the party.

    "I would work for anyone who would want to work with me," she said. "We'll see if there's a meeting of the minds."

    Just over two years ago, Stronach was running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, a competition that Stephen Harper eventually won.

    She crossed the floor to join the Liberals in May of 2005, saying she was unhappy about the direction of the Conservatives under Harper.


    Anonymous said...

    So Belinda took the advice of you eh? You must be some pretty special advisors pretty to be Blog writers. Next thing you know, Ignatieff and Dion are going to declare their candidacy on Friday based on your advice as well.

    Can you also tell me the winning 6/49 numbers for Saturday night?

    tobias said...

    Lighten up anonymous. You obviously have not read our blog much and don't realize that we do not take ourselves too seriously...

    We were merely refering to the fact that we were asked to consider Ms Stronach back in January and add her to our blog as a Next Face candidate.

    Notwithstanding the fact that everyone jumped on her bandwagon at the time, we remained steadfast in our refusal to add her to our list.

    Go with : 5, 11, 22, 29, 37, 43.

    You're welcome.

    JB said...

    go Tobias Go!

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