Friday, May 05, 2006

This is a test ... this is only a test

Okay now that Stephen Harper has served up a special arrangement for Quebec at UNESCO what do the Liberal leadership candidates have to say? Will they:

A) Continue this practice when they become Prime Minister
B) Offer the same arrangent that any other province that demands it
C) Say and do nothing and hope the issue goes away

Now since we all have a collective admiration for Pierre Trudeau in the Liberal Party let us just for fun ask WWPETD? (What would Pierre Elliott Trudeau Do?)

A) If he were still alive would he dust off the ol' head waiter to the provinces line?
B) Call Stephen Harper a wimp a la Brian Mulroney
C) Both of the above in a scathing essay of condemnation which would make us all realize the the gutlessness of our federal leaders in dealing with the provinces.

So let's get down to business leadership candidates and tell us what you will do. Explain your position coherently. Bonus marks will go to any leadership contender who talks tough in English and repeats the same message in French.

The Guest Host