Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Our Brand New Used Miata.

Well we did it!

Thanks in part to your participation in our voters survey, we pulled the trigger on a beautiful mint 1994 Mazda Miata SE C.
British racing green, new canvas top, chrome roll bars, upgraded factory stereo, new Michelin performance tires, water pump, timing belt, exhaust and only 86,000 km's. She is a beauty - only ever driven in the sun, no rain, no snow and we intend to do the same. We waxed it on the weekend and she looks absolutely amazing.

There is more to life than Canadian Politics. Once in a while, you need to put the top down and say what the hell.

...and to those who voted for me to "Finish the Basement Instead" - and you know who you are - I have included a picture of my baby just to show you how utterly irresistible it was.

Results of our Mid Life Crises Poll :
Should I buy a Mint '94 Mazda Miata?
Yes : 50%
No : 12%
Get a Life : 7%
Get a Hybrid : 12%
Finish the Basement Instead : 6%
All the Words of Man are False : 12%

With much thanks to Geoff Marsden who sold me the car.
A real gentleman and a quality guy.


Robert said...

Of course, those of us that recommended that you buy it will each get to go for a spin, right? ;-)

tobias said...

...Yes, you are all invited down to Next Face Central for a ride in the car. It is so choice.

No pushing or shoving. Form a single line please.

Carrie said...

Okay that's a very sharp car. :) I'm so glad I encouraged you to buy it. When do I get my turn to take it for a spin? lol

Anonymous said...

She's a beauty indeed! That is one fine looking roadster.

Ford Rules Dude in Oakville said...

A fine purchase that will provide many years of open-top enjoyment. Breathe in the open spaces, and welcome to the Miata club.

Anonymous said...

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