Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Challenge to the Bob Rae Camp.

On the heels of our question and answer opportunity with Mr. Dryden who so graciously gave us over an hour of his time to answer questions (including the now infamous "Kinsella Question") , we would like to offer up a challenge :

We would like to call on Mr. Rae and his staff to accept our request and arrange for a 30 minute phone call between the candidate and Next Face. We will record the conversation and post it on our blog for all to digest. The outcome of the interview could have a bearing on our ranking and ultimately on the fact that we still remain non-committed heading into the late summer. After similar interviews with Mr. Dryden and Mr. Dion, the feedback from both organizations was very positive and the response from the blogging community was tremendous.

Contact us at :

We look forward to a response from the Rae camp and will post a status report as we hear back from them.


Edgewater Views said...

I thought I saw this yesterday. Is this a polite reminder without boldly stating that there has been no response so far?

You may recall I wrote a blog about this last week.

You had said previously that you were impressed with the Dryden organisation's expediency in responding to your challenge.

Will you be commenting that this post today is really your third challenge/request for Rae? How does this affect what you think of his campaign?

tobias said...

To be fair to Bob Rae, he has had a busy few days. We heard him speak from Edmonton yesterday and lets just say, he sounded tired...with the Bevilacqua news this weeks I am sure he has put in a bit of overtime.

We will continue the challenge through to Friday and hope for the best.

Edgewater Views said...

Tobias: Great. I think that is fair. I don't want to be unreasonable with my expectations, yet I am surprised that someone from his organisation has not called to bridge that gap ...