Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rae Interview Complete.

It is in the can!

The interview is over and it covered a wide range of issues from Mr. Rae's policy position in the Middle East to what it was like sharing an apartment with Michael Ignatieff while attending the University of Toronto.

And speaking of Michael Ignatieff, can that interview be far off? Mr. Ignatieff represents the last of the 4 Next Face candidates in line for an interview and in due course we will offer up that challenge. In the meantime, we are scheduling a second interview with Mr. Dion (with a greater focus on foreign policy) which we hope will take place over the next few weeks.

We will post the Rae interview in three parts begining later tomorrow.

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Edgewater Views said...

Tobias. I respect the fact that these interviews (Rae and Ignatieff) are being pursued. What I hope is that both will be held accountable for seemingly ignoring this (Rae at first and Ignatieff still), in spite of your challenge in June and in spite of the very strong presence of their supporters on Liblogs.