Saturday, November 11, 2006

Foo Fighters. Wow.

November 7th we took the junior apprentice to see the Foo Fighters for his birthday at the ACC in Toronto. They played a one hour acoustic set in front of what looked like a near sell out crowd.

They were absolutely awesome. Crazy good. Probably the best live set of music played in Toronto since Bruce Springsteen was here in 1984.

It was so good that we decided not to stay for the main act - Bob Dylan - for fear that he would bring us down and wreck the buzz created by David Grohl.

The decision to leave was met with ear to ear grins by both the apprentice and his cousin who could not wait to get home and would have preferred to spend the weekend cleaning their rooms than sit through 2 hours of " old incoherent guy..."

Turns out that we were not far from the mark as is evidenced by Billy Harris' review in the Toronto Sun the next day :

Distant but dignified. Dignified but distant....This may invite the wrath of multitudes, but Bob Dylan is not the most compelling live act, visually speaking....There aren’t many performers famous enough to attract Foo Fighters as an opening act, but Dylan is one of them....Foo frontman Dave Grohl engineered a truncated version of the acoustic concert his band played at the Hummingbird Centre mere months ago....Grohl last night got a standing ovation for his solo run at Best Of You, but he admitted he initially had left the song off the ACC setlist. “I didn’t know if I wanted to scream at people for four minutes, it might freak them out,” Grohl said. “But then a friend of mine said, ‘Dude, they’re Dylan fans, come on.’ ”


Anonymous said...

The Foos have Rami Jaffee as part of their acoustic backup band. He was in The Wallflowers with Bob Dylan’s son, Jakob. So it’s not a total coincidence that the Foos are opening for Bob.

OttawaCon said...

Goord call to leave - Dylan's show in Ottawa was painful, left 30 minutes in.

Foo Fighters were really good though.

Herb said...

On the other hand, as good as the Foos were in Toronto -- and they were -- I suspect that if your kid remains a music fan, he will eventually regret missing what might be one of his few chances to see a legend in the flesh.

The ACC show was not Dylan's best outing. (His triple-header here a few years ago, when he played three different venues in three days, was much better.) But he's Dylan. You go to see him knowing that he might be great or he might be mediocre. It's all part of the ongoing drama, in which even a bad show is worth seeing.

Either you get that or you don't.

Anonymous said...

as if you left before Bob Dylan came on stage? what are you smoking! I went to see bob dylan and bob dylan only. it was just a bonus that the foo fighters were opening..and your right they were amazing...but how dare you walk out on a legend like bob...