Friday, December 01, 2006

Michael Ignatieff.
It is his to loose. I don't think anyone hit the grand slam and the door is open for MI to nail this.
His intro video is the best yet. His brother speaks to this arrogance myth. They even address the anyone-but-Ignatieff-campaign. Even Ruby makes an appearance on the video!

Who chooses this man's ties. Consistently bad choices. He looks composed and relaxed and speaks slowly. Tonight is the night the Liberal party begins again. He thanks the campaign workers. Building a better Liberal party.

His intonation - at times - sounds remarkably like Mike Myers doing Dr. Evil.

We must be the party of hope. He is a dramatic contrast to Rae. A lot more French. Much composed and paced. Speaks to the environment and climate change and future generations.

Lets win some seats in Alberta!

An equality of people rooted in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Really MI? Really? Except - you mean - for the Quebec nation, who apparently deserve their own special status among other Canadians. I thought this was double speak. It was hypocritical. You cannot tout the Trudeau vision of Canada and undermine it in the same breath.

CTV's Lloyd Robertson just cut off their broadcast in the middle of MI's speech and went to regular programing - unbefreakingleavable. Back to cpac - at least they are still running it.

If we become the party of hope, no one will defeat us. Give me the chance to inspire and to make you proud I will give you victory. MI joins Dion as a candidate unable to manage his time and is cut off by the fascists running the music and the microphones.

MI delivers the best speech of the night. Is it enough to overcome the "anyone but campaign?"
Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Best speech of the night? What were you watching? The crowd was dead, except for his supporters. The rest of group got a cheer from all the masses. Please!

Gavin Magrath said...

Anon - exactly. His delivery was totally wooden, and the speech seemd to be empty feel-good rhetoric, which is appropriate for a front-runner but not inspiring and *certainly* not the best.

Anonymous said...

Get real.

Ignatieff's speech was a bore.

Kennedy by far had the best speech of the night.