Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two Solitudes.

Today in the Toronto Star a microcosm of the two issues - the two solitudes - that face the Liberal party over the next few months.

Deborah Coyne writes about opportunity, in Wanted: A Party WIth A Vision Coyne is right in suggesting that there is a Federal vision vacuum, and that the 2008 federal election "...failed miserably to excite Canadians..."

If ever there was an opportunity to captivate and inspire Canadians, it would be now and it could be achieved with a stronger more motivated and visible (where are you Mr. Harper, and can you buy a vision?) national government.

Next, Linda Diebel, writes of the all but concluded Liberal leadership race (Igantieff on the 1st ballot?) and the empty Liberal coffers in Buckets of Blood and Empty Coffers; a headline too severe for our tastes, yes? Here Rae is portrayed as the clear underdog, needing to "...change the channel (on the leadership race)..." to have any chance at catching MI.

Need we remind all that MI led in the first three ballots in December of 2006? Clearly the front runner, there was no appetite then to put him over the top.

What has changed?
Was Harper's second minority enough to bring the delegates together and put MI over the top?
Is Rae's correct when he suggests that this thing is far from over?

Image is a sketch by Barbara Swan - Two Solitudes.


burlivespipe said...

There seems to be much time before any one should be calling this -- especially since last time, when it was numerous troubling comments along the way that hurt the front runner and no doubt took the wind out of his sails. Had that race been as short as this one, I'd think the end result would have been different.
I keep hearing that there's one more name to emerge... Have you heard that?
Also that the battle between Leblanc and Rae for early momentum has shifted from Leblanc to Rae over the last few days. But correct me if i'm wrong, Leblanc hasn't even held his official launch yet?
I don't get a sense of 'anybody but Iggy' yet...

Anonymous said...

I think you are right. It is too early. But the Iggy machine is off and running and using the media to suggest that he is in control of this thing already. Rae has gotten off the mark but looks like he is already playing catch up. Leblanc must have an ace up his sleeve or something because he has yet to burst through with any force.

Anonymous said...

Coyne needs to enter this race. Maybe not to win, and no, not for the optics. But no one else seems willing to raise these issues even though a lot of Liberals (and non-Liberals) want to hear it. Her vision is the right vision for the party.