Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Welcome Back America. We Missed you.

We are inspired, full of hope, and genuinely moved.

For eight years we have been driving our children down to Florida for the summer and for eight years our children have only known Bush's America. They watched our government vote down participation in Bush's war. They saw Bush invade a country under false pretense. They watched as America split itself down the middle into two divisive entities. Through this past decade, I tried to make my children understand that the America I knew growing up had presidents like Kennedy, Carter and Clinton. That that there was a kindler gentler version of their politic that once resonated throughout the world as a positive force for peace; that they can actually inspire with the power of their progress and the strength of their freedom.

Last night, America hit the reset button in a big way. The world is a better place for it and my children will now bear witness to just how positive a force and how great an influence this great nation can be.

Anyone who ever said that they couldn't "because...", can never say that again.
Anyone who ever dared to dream to big, can now dare to dream even bigger.

Welcome back America.
We missed you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for staying this October Canada. You are needed.