Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why The Coalition Has It Right.

Spending our way out of this mess. This is what the coalition would have us do. While the government instead, would have us believe that denying political parties the $1.95 per vote in subsidies is a prudent way to "conserve" finances.

Although Ignatieff's suggestion that we should all contribute to his campaign to "save democracy" was only slightly self-serving, he was correct in so much as Harper's bid to remove the funding under the guise of fiscal responsibility was nothing more than a sinister attempt to hobble the opposition party at a time when finances are their achilles heel.

But Next Face can offer proof that the coalition will win the support of Canadians and why it is prudent to "spend our way" out of this mess. The numbers don't lie. Of the 10 wealthiest nations in the world, Canada is among the leaders when you compare Debt to income ratio. This chart below illustrating 2007 data confirms it. It also confirms that Americans are living well beyond their means, and this is BEFORE the great bailouts of 2008!

Need more proof? Lets compare the top 10 debtor nations. While this list is made up mostly of our G8 friends and colleagues, Canada does not even make it on the list!

So can we afford to act like reckless Liberals and spend our way out of this mess? Certainly.

Did the Flaherty and Harper get this wrong? Absofreakinlutely.

We are not economists, we are lowly bloggers, and even we can figure out that there is room to do a little infrastructure work here in Ontario or Quebec to generate a little job growth and stimulate us through the next year or two.


The Grumpy Voter said...

Just to clarify: you are advocating for a deficit as part of a stimulus package? I make mention of this because all week the opposition were howling about Canada going into a deficit. (This is where you tell me the Tories squandered the surplus built up by the Liberals and where I tell you that surplus was developed in large part by an illegal EI surplus scheme the Auditor General of Canada spent five years demanding Liberal governments to STOP doing.)

Arnone and Co. said...

We are advocating on behalf of the folks who live in Aurora, Ontario who this week woke up to find out that Magna was shutting their doors and that 800 families would be wondering how to pay their mortgages come spring.

We are advocating on behalf of them because the plan to cancel the party funding, was a vicious attempt to hobble the opposition party, and would have done absolutely nothing for those workers and those families in Aurora.