Sunday, December 07, 2008

Is Ignatieff Already In?

Looks like he is if you believe the Canadian Press. CBC is reporting it here too, just 30 minutes ago.

Wow. Looks like Dion's video changed the face of the Liberal party virtually overnight.


Anonymous said...

Wow - such a transparent process! I guess this will make it tough to call Harper's decision to prorogue tougher to criticize as anti-democratic.

Anonymous said...

Why did you delete your post on GK?

Anonymous said...

This is all that shows on Liblogs -
Kennedy 2 for 2.
Wow. We need a moment to catch our collective breaths. We are in disarray. The past 48 hours have ended yet another bizarre chapter in the history of the Liberal Party of Canada. We have much to say on the subject. Much to say about Ignatieff and Rae, but as it has always been our intention to lend to this debate and not sour it, we best sleep on this and get to it when our tempers abate.

One thing is clear to us however, and it is worthy of note: Gerard Kennedy can really pick 'em! He is 2 for 2 over the past 2 years.

Two years ago in December, almost exactly to the day, Mr. Kennedy threw his support before the 3rd ballot behind Dion causing a major upset over Ignatieff who otherwise led through the entire convention. If we learned something over the past two years,...

Arnone and Co. said...

The Kennedy post offended some and we felt bad about it. It was intended to have some fun with GK but it was taken the wrong way.

We could imagine how he must have felt when Rae dropped out only 24 hours after GK threw his support behind him.

Anyway, we are not in this to anger. We are in this to provoke and move the debate forward, and while we are starting to understand why it happened we would be lying if we didn't say that we are profoundly disappointed that this debate has turned into a coronation.

Former Ford Dude Now with Bomber said...

I urge Michael Ignatieff to hold the fort and not dive into an election or coalition until the parliamentary session is over. He needs to carve his identity, rebuild the party and put enough distance between himself and an association with the failed and flawed Stephane Dion. The power shenanigans with a coalition only strengthen Stephen Harper's ability to take the higher moral ground and is a short-term opportunity for the Liberals to return to power. Rebuild and do things legitimately and without strange bedfellows as the Tories have done. A worsening economy will sink the Tories. By then I am hopeful Michael I. will have fixed his party and the base of power.