Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Anonymous post.

Next Face received an email on Monday by the anonymous poster, fulfilling his promise and identifying himself. In a subsequent email received today, we realize that his message is more important than his identity at this time. As a member of the Executive Committee. He sheds light on the process and dispels the myth - perpetrated by several blogs and columns - that the Executive had selected McKenna as their man and looked to hoist him to the top and force and early leadership campaign.

Here, in part, are the comments received from anonymous :

"People misunderstand the nature of the executive. It includes about 60 people by my count. There are 5 representatives of caucus, there are 13 presidents of provincial/territorial organizations. There is a Senate representative, there are 5 young liberals, etc, etc. The notion that they would, as a group, move in lock step with the
desires of one contender is ludicrous.

On top of that, we met last week for the first time since the election call. We don't chat a whole lot, and when we do, it's not about candidates.

Later this week I am going to ... poll ... people to register their opinion of when the convention ought to be held. Quite frankly, if a large number of respondents weigh in with a good rationale for why it should be at a certain time, I will vote accordingly. Most executive members will seek similar direction from the groups they represent on the executive.

I have absolutely no opinion on when the convention should be ... There are financial and other reasons why some dates may become more desirable than others, but basically I would like to see what party members think and I'll cast my vote accordingly.

Mind you, logistical concerns (such as NHL schedules, provincial elections, etc.) may mean voting against something which would otherwise have been the majority view. Keep in mind that there are only 6 or 7 cities that have enough hotel rooms to hold one of these things, so there are a lot of uncontrollable external factors that will impact the executive's decision.

There you have it. A conspiracy to elect McKenna? We think not.
Time to move on ladies and gentlemen...
In the meantime, we intend to reveal the identity of the anonymous poster over the next 48 - 72 hours.
Stay tuned.


Carrie said...

That is fantastic, to have such a willing and open source. I'm not concerned about the name of the person, if it will cause trouble for them. Just knowing you can post the info, that's enough for me.

tobias said...

Frankly it was good enough for us too.

In a more remarkable twist, Anonymous is going to allow us to reveal his name in an effort to enlist support in the way of a poll. The poll will be designed to allow for blog readers to vote on the timing for a leadership convention. Anonymous has suggested that he will use the results of the poll to help him cast his vote at the next committee meeting.

Transparency and democracy at work. There may be hope yet!

tobias said...

btw carrie.
Excellent work on the Harper Mulroney connection.
A choice piece of blogging.

Mark said...

As promised:

vote early, vote often


Hammering Jow said...

That was enjoyable. I like Mark.

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