Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tobin out.

“I think that I've had my opportunity and I made my contribution. I enjoyed it enormously,” he said in an interview.

“But I think it's time for new blood and I think it's time for new players and I think this is an opportunity for the Liberal party to renew itself and, in the process, to heal itself a little bit as well.”

One less qualified candidate available to be the Next Face of the Liberal party of Canada. The second odds on favorite in this blog to drop out.
Why did he pull out?
Maybe he peaked during the Turbot wars.
Maybe he feared his days as a rat pack member would come back to haunt him.
Maybe he sincerely believes that it is time for new blood and any association with the old guard would not play well with voters the next time around.

So long Brian. We never really knew you.
www.nextface.blogspot.com has been updated accordingly.


Andy said...

Mr. Brian Tobin is full aware of tricks and decption in the Liberal party.

He is not going to ruin his own political career in a party, where Tim Murphy, Scott Reid, Ruth Thorkeslon, Ujjal Dosanj, Guisseppe Volpe, Judy Sgro, Hedy Fry, Tony Ianno, Tony valeri are making fronts as the agents for interests of the giant corporations, which must maintained.

These Liberals need to go to the primary school for learning of the accountability, transparency and responsibility.
Parliament must be a deliberative assembly of one nation, with one interest; but these Liberals are making the House of people, the fronts for supporting of the giant corporations' interests.

Mr. Brian Tobin knows with these Liberals, who have not learned the lessons of accountability, honesty and responsibility, he will have difficulties.

These Liberals have gotten their intersts from Paul Martin's government.

They were the servicemen who recieved their parts from Paul Martin.

The assembly of these Liberals, who don't care what people want, is very dangarous.

Mr. Mario Silva, who ignores the rights of people in Toronto, in davenport, can not agree with Mr. Tobin for purification of the Liberal pary from all toxins.

Mario Silva and his friends in the Liberals are making an assembly for interests of Toronto's Bay Street; they ignore people.

Mr. Brian Tobin understands the alphabet of this challange and is not ready to ruin his life and his career.

Neither Mr. Ignatieff nor Mme Blinda Stronach can be differentiated from Mario Silva; all these Liberals are for their own ego and their own interests.

The Liberalism has been manipulated from its own meaning; the current Liberals don't understand the alphabet of democracy.

The democracy from people and for people is an ANTIGEN for these Liberals.

Mr. Brian Tobin has the right forescaping.

He escapes from these Liberals and we are respecting him.

Anonymous said...

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