Friday, January 27, 2006

Anonymous show thyself!

So we get an anonymous comment from someone refuting Joan Bryden's article (posted in part here yesterday). The article deals with the allegations that the parties national executive is propping up their 'man' McKenna.

The comment goes something like this :
Anonymous said...This is complete bullshit. I am on the national executive. We had a conference call last night. Trust me, there is no such movement afoot.
January 27, 2006 11:50 AM

Tobias, our Truth Bureau Analyst, is on the case. He is digging into the story and so far he has come up with an interesting post from Adam Radwanski, Editorials Editor at the National Post, that looks something like this:

Radwanski's Ramblings...
Friday January 27, 2006
Meet the new boss...

You’re a member of the board. You spent 15 years pushing Paul Martin into the Prime Minister’s Office, then watched him implode. There are only two possibilities: You backed the wrong horse, or you backed the right horse and then brought him down with your atrocious strategic and management skills.

Now, you’ve decided Frank McKenna is your ticket. Based on your past experience, there are only two possibilities: You’re backing the wrong horse, or you’re backing the right horse and you’ll eventually bring him down with your atrocious strategic and management skills.

The responsible thing to do is to avoid foisting him on your party, or yourself on him. But that’s not really how you roll, is it? So if you have your way, the Liberals will be stuck with him, he’ll be stuck with you, and the rest of the country will be stuck with Stephen Harper because you’re busy running another leader into the ground. Well played.

Anonymous, show thyself and respond to the newest challenge to your version of the facts as they are unfolding!


Anonymous said...

I believe Paul Martin could have been one of the greats as Prime Minister. It was the Martinites that absolutely ruined this man. I wonder if he realizes that? They were fairly good at getting him to the top job of the Liberal Party. But then these freaks went ... I don't know how to describe it. Having witnessed their devestation upon our party I can say that whomever someone like Karl Littler backs is the leadership candidate I will NOT support.

tobias said...

Thank you sir or madam. We at Next Face appreciate your honesty and welcome your opinion.

...the plot thickens...

Joe Calgary said...

I heard one commentator, which I can't remember now... possibly Craig Oliver, saying that the backroom guys... Scott Reid and his ilk, were like soldiers that were very good at breaching the wall and taking the objective, but once that had occurred, they didn't know what to do next.

Very dead on I think.

Anonymous said...

Has it ever donned any of you that the only people that media either talk to or refer to are people who spin them? And that those people make up a miniscule minority of the effort that goes into a winning aleadeship and/or election campaign?

The folks who elected Paul Martin leader are the hundreds of thousands of rank and file liberals across the country who believed in his candidacy.

Only reporters are egotistical enough to suggest that the only people in the world who make or break policitians are their spokespersons.

Bloggers, we're smarter than MSM, so let's not fall for their tricks, whether we choose to agree with them or not.

Anonymous said...

Give me a friggin break. I used karl Littler as an example. How many reporters has he tried to spin. As for the members electing Paul Martin, give me a break again. The Martinites strong-armed every sitting Liberal MP. If even one of their delegates was supporting anyone other than Paul Martin they should expect no favours. And that is only a tiny part of their tactics. To be fair, it worked. It worked splendidly. But as an above poster put it, while they were good breaching the wall they were terrible and keeping the fort. Take a look around at the devastation our party has gone through. I'm not sure people realize how screwed we are.

Ed Hollett said...

The simple solution to your problem:

Ban anonymous comments.

For those who wish to use a pseudonym, delete anyone that cannot be traced back to a blog or any place else where you can tell that the person posting the comment is who they claim to be or seem to be.

You'll immediately put an end to the ramblings of pople like the serval anonymous know nothings/shit disturbers you've attracted so far.

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow anonymous - I was not referring to you - referring to Craig Oliver's reference.

tobias said...

Ed, thanks for your comment.

Frankly, Next Face has no issue with an anonymous post. We are trying to get to the essence of this issue - at any cost.

Anonymous has agreed to reveal himself on Monday and we accept his decision to remain hidden until that time. We look forward to his 'outing' and hope that in the end it might lend some credence to his argument.

Anonymous said...

Ok - but for the record - I am the anonymous who posted earlier, the one you seem intrigued by, and the other anonymous-es above are anonymously someone other than me. So please do not credit or saddle me with ALL of your anonymous postings.

Still, if yuo can't figure out who I am you really ought to just run through a list.

TonyGuitar said...

As an opponent to the Chretienite gang, the group that caused your present mess, I would only be nervous if your troops were to rally behind Brian Toban. Brian has potential.

In any case, you would be well advised to separate the major crooks out of your club and have them face fair criminal decisions or the Canadian voting public will not be able to put any trust in the Liberal party again.

Next time, the Liberal 104 seat count will diminish in direct proportion to the evaporation of *Harper Fear* and to the degree the public begins to understand the truely massive scope of Liberal party rip - offs.

The first list of 218 Liberal scams did show up in the January 22nd Toronto Sun. One day before the election and too late to have much effect.

There is plenty of time for Canadians to learn of this and other lists of Liberal party *LOW* points before the next election.

With the drip - drip of fear Harper whispers no longer effective and a more informed Canadian public, Liberal seat counts should be more realisticly low in the next race. TG

The Truth Hurts said...

While I agree that the fear of Harper will diminish to at least some degree, Harper's interpersonal skills will be put to the test with this government. I'm not saying he will fail, but this is his biggest weakness.

northyorkbetty said...

tony guitar- why afraid of Brian tobin? He not only has potential but is head over heals above the calibar of what is being presented as candidate material today.

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