Thursday, January 26, 2006

Martin's Ghost

How scary is this man? Or maybe the better questions is how scary are his 'people'? According to Joan Bryden at cnews, it appears that the parties national executive - still controlled by Martin - are trying to push through a fall convention in an effort to benefit their 'boy' Frank McKenna. This may threaten McKenna's standing with Next Face. If the Liberal party can't figure out that a major house cleaning - which should include Martin's 'people' - is in order, then we on the outside may take our hostilities out on their 'boy' Frank. Too bad really because we thought he had promise. McKenna's odds drop today to 6:1 from 3:1. No further explanation is necessary, except to say that we are 'very very' dissapointed.

See a portion of the article reproduced below and note the referencess to the 'dark horses'. More on that comming soon in Next Face.

Liberals skirmishing already over timing of leadership contest

OTTAWA (CP) - The first skirmish in the race to replace Paul Martin has already broken out over the timing of the Liberal leadership convention.

Potential dark horse contenders want to wait as much as 18 months to choose Martin's successor. But they fear the party's national executive, still controlled by Martin, is trying to arrange the convention for next fall, an early date that would favour perceived frontrunner Frank McKenna. McKenna resigned Wednesday as Canada's ambassador to the United States, clearing the decks for a leadership run.

"They're trying to set this up for McKenna by doing it so fast," complained one MP with leadership aspirations.

The national executive will not meet until March to discuss convention dates. But party insiders suggest the most likely window for the convention is between next November and March, 2007.

Essentially, the executive must decide how much time contenders should be given to recruit supporters. Longer shot candidates will need more time to build support than high-profile candidates, especially McKenna who is widely expected to inherit Martin's political machine. [According to Next Face, this is not good. Not by a longshot. These guys showed remarkable poor judgement over the past 2 years]

Once membership sales are cut off, a convention can't be held until at least five months later, under the party constitution...Michael Marzolini, former Liberal party pollster, said the slim Tory minority puts pressure on the Liberals to "obtain a quick fix." And that, he said in a speech to Toronto lobbyists, favours the candidates who are "established and perceived to be electable," in particular McKenna, a former New Brunswick premier, and former federal ministers Allan Rock and Brian Tobin. John Manley has ruled out making a run for the job.

A Tory majority would have given the party the luxury of choosing a younger, "less traditional" leader who could spend a few years building a profile, Marzolini said.

Dark horse candidates include former ministers Martin Cauchon, Stephane Dion, Maurizio Bevilacqua, Belinda Stronach, Scott Brison, Ken Dryden, Anne McLellan and Joe Volpe and newcomer Michael Ignatieff, the acclaimed Harvard academic who won his first election Monday.

Montreal MP Denis Coderre, another possible candidate, said the party needs to take its time. Before choosing a leader, he said Liberals should conduct a thorough post-mortem on the losing election campaign, reunite the warring factions and allow plenty of time for new ideas and new leadership contenders to emerge.

Coderre suggested the party made a mistake anointing Martin two years ago with virtually no competition. And he said: "We don't want to repeat the same mistake. I don't believe in the Messiah." [We say: believe only in Next Face and our ability to pick a winner.]

Former industry minister David Emerson said the party needs to look to a whole new generation of leaders.

"To me, that's what leadership is going to have to be, it's somebody who will hit their maximum appeal probably five years from today, not somebody who's maximum appeal was two years ago or maybe a year from now."

Emerson... said the party has to take stock of the fact that it's support base has shrunk to the three largest cities, that it can no longer rely on the support of new Canadians and that the party "brand has been destroyed" in Quebec.


Anonymous said...

This is complete bullshit. I am on the national executive. We had a conference call last night. Trust me, there's no such movement afoot.

tobias said...

If you are correct, then McKenna's odds will be restored as will our faith in the process. We at Next Face are only trying to secure the integrity of the process by commenting on it.

Your issue is with Joan Bryden; she wrote the article. In the meantime Next Face will get to the bottom of her allegations and post a clarification if necessary.

Your comments are appreciated. We just wish you would identify yourself and consider contributing to our blog. Members of the National Executive are always welcome here.

Anonymous said...

National executive calls are confidential, despite the fact that some people have been accused in months gone by of repeatedly either providing info to journalists, or even trying to put journalists on the call.

Anything anyone needs to know about timing is publicly available information. The rules governing timing are spelled out in the Liberal Party Constitution.

By my count there are only three exec members who have blogs. If you want to figure out who I am you can probably figure it out rather easily. But since you find my anonymity intriguing, I'll post as anonymous just for sheer sport.

You'll know who I am by Monday.

Don't believe what you read in the papers. That's how Canadians let other Canadians elect Stephen Harper.

The men and women who sit around the Executive table of the party are volunteers who have the best interests of the party at heart. I believe that to be the case because I've worked with most of these people on elections under two different leaders and their loyalty, commitment and work ethic towards our party is unwavering.

we'll chat again soon

tobias said...

Anonymous you have accepted our challenge to "show thyself" and we are pleased. We look forward to your announcement between now and Monday.

Any light you can shed on the truth as it relates to this issue is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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