Thursday, January 26, 2006

Manley out! Was he ever in?

Well of course he's not running. He never had a chance. He was never shortlisted on Next Face.

I mean just look at this picture. 'Cmon now.

With the news of McKenna leaving Washington, and Manley opting out, this blogger is 2 for 2. And besides, going out in public with a sweater like that should automatically disqualify one from running a country. See the story below - one we could have written weeks ago...

Manley won't seek Liberal leadership
Last Updated Thu, 26 Jan 2006 06:43:06 EST
CBC News

The race to replace Paul Martin as leader of the Liberal party is already heating up, but John Manley said on Wednesday that he doesn't want the job.

"While I hope to play a role in the renewal, healing and unification of the Liberal party, I have decided for personal reasons that I will not be a leadership candidate," the former deputy prime minister wrote in an opinion piece published in the Globe and Mail on Thursday.

During an election night broadcast on CBC Television, Manley acknowledged that he had been lobbied to seek the party's top job. [Shamelss self promotion according to Next Face. He never had a chance.]

He was reacting to Martin's announcement that he would not lead the Liberals into another election, made a few hours after election results confirmed that the Conservatives under Stephen Harper would form a minority government.

At the same time, Manley poked fun at his bland image.

"Some may want a dynamic, charismatic leader. Some others may support me," he told the CBC's Peter Mansbridge. [And still some might want a leader who would not wear that sweater in public...]

Manley dropped out of the race to succeed former prime minister Jean Chr├ętien in 2003, conceding he could not beat Martin. He left politics shortly afterwards to return to practising law and sit on a number of corporate boards.

Frank McKenna is regarded as the early frontrunner to succeed Martin. He resigned his post as ambassador to the United States on Wednesday. [...and yet again Next Face is bang on!]