Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Belinda Stronach

We have received an email requesting that we adopt Belinda Stronach as a potential Next Face candidate.

We have considered the requests and offer the following response :



Muad'Dib said...

But thank you for posting her picture. I am always pleased to see her smiling face. :)


tobias said...

...our point exactly.

Mark said...

ouch - you folks are cruel, cruel, cruel

Alex said...

A resounding no from me too. Belinda is a wannabe - enough said about her.

Joe Calgary said...

Well, there's at least one smart Liberal out there.

Belinda is bad news, and her convictions have to be treated as suspect. She has many miles to walk and hills to climb before she can be a Winston Churchill.

At least Brison had a little more class when he crossed the floor.

tobias said...

Calgary Joe. Make that two smart Liberals. You and Next Face. BS wants the job for all the wrong reasons. When we release our Manifesto, you will see our point.

"...personal ambition; selfishness; and rivalry..." three things that BS could be accused of as illustrated during her split with the "alliance of conservatives."

Those are the same three principles that brought down the Martin and Chretien camps and therein lies the problem.

The liberals need a leader who is going to lead for the right reasons.

WALTER said...

I believe the time has come to totally revamp the Liberal Party. Belinda Stronach is my choice for the next leader. Who else is there? Seriously, who better than a former Torie, to lead the Liberal party, once we, as Canadians decide the PC's have floundered enough.It's obvious. Canadians wanted Martin out, but by the slimist of margins. It's's time.How can anyone say no to her!!!

not a lib fan said...

Aw, come on. Having BS as the leader of the LPC would be the best thing that could happen to Canada. It would ensure that the Conservatives form the Government for the forseeable future.

Anonymous said...

I heard TV political pundits share the news that both Martin and Layton had wicked tempers. It seems Martin once hurled a golf club into a treetop. (Way to go, Bud!Thems my sentiments exactly about that 'sport'!)
Layton probably got bitten by a dog( a Chow, I believe). Nobody asked Belinda about the time Harper reamed her, provoking the walk to the other side. Pissed off by a pushy chick? With leftest leanings? Keep smiling, Belinda! You're fit and Harper's not.

Arthur said...

Pushy or confised? Maybe Belinda will have another hissy fit and walk over to Jack Layton's team. Wait she might really be a green pary supporter! One never knows.

Muad'Dib said...

I like Belinda from all that I have read, but not as a leader. I'd love to meet her, sit across from her over a glass of Australian Shiraz and a nive medium rare striploin and talk about, oh anything really.. Old episoded of pee wee's playhouse, her hair, her smile... cheese, snow..... anything at all

but seriously, I wanted JM or BT to run badly, and I am not happy with what is left. I say, Peter MacKay shoudl be coerced if we cannot get Justin Trudeau to sign up :)

tobias said...

We should do a post on Justin Trudeau. Thanks for the idea.

Andy said...

The political observers in Canada are full aware of the lack of accountability and incompetence in Blinda Stronach, who watches many Hollywood films for a kind of championship or James-Bond-like leadership in the Liberal party of Canada.
Blinda Stronach, who was born in 1966. She was dropped out of York's business school after one year in 1985.
Her father Mr. Frank Stronach who is a carbon copy of Mr. Maurice F. Strong (the mentor of Paul Martin) in connections with the world's businessmen and politicians appointed her daughter as a member of the board of directors of Magna International, the auto-parts giant--- with over 80,000 employees and over $ 20-billion revenue--- in 1988.

Mme Blinda Stronach fell in love with a senior member of Magna; she married Magna executive Mr. Donald Walker. The couple would later have two children in 1990.

The chemistry between Blinda Stronach and Mr. Donald Walker didn't function well andMme Blinda Stronach divorced. And she became the vice-president at Magna.

In 1999, she became an executive vice-president at Magna. She fell in love with Mr. Johann Olav Koss Norwegian speedskating champion and married with him at a ski resort in Colorado on New Year's Eve.
In 2001, she replaced her ex-husband as CEO of Magna.

Then she met Mr.William Jefferson Clinton (Mr.Bill Clinton, USA).

She realized soon that this friendship is good for her future and they became friends with Mr. Bill Clinton. the former U.S. president at a charity golf event.

With more connections and more influences of hear wealth on corporate media, Fortune magazine
placed Stronach at No. 2 on its ranking of the most powerful women in business outside of the U.S; Blinda Stronach didn't believe how effective is the influences of Magna International with the famous politicians!

And May 17, 2005 she crossed the floor for being a minister in Paul Martins's government

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