Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Since the election there has been a significant amount of media and blog activity surrounding the state of the Liberal party and its future. That speculation has increased with the recent announcements by Manley, McKenna and now Tobin that they will not be entering the Liberal leadership race. While at Next Face we are, at times, bewildered, we can't help but sense that the rhetoric on the web and on the news borders on an hysteria not seen for generations. But with the recent Christmas election garnering 103 seats and a stronghold in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Atlantic Canada, the panic should be tempered with an understanding that while the Liberal party was indeed sent a message, it is not dead. It was reminded that to continue as the natural ruling party of Canada, it needs to tend to some housecleaning. In spite of the recent indiscretions that have plagued the party, the Liberals have watched over the nation with a strong fiscal policy and have handed over to the alliance of conservatives a robust economy and a prosperous nation.

Notwithstanding the setback, this is a party with a strong legacy.

What is needed at this time is brevity. Brevity and a manifesto. While Next Face has attempted to provide the reader with brevity (and irreverence) in the face of the hysteria, what we lack is a manifesto. A manifesto born not from the 'inside' but from a voice of reason and passion and sufficient distance that it could provide an impartial view of issues as they have unfolded and continue to unfold before us.

Next Face is poised to launch that manifesto with hopes that it can set the party on a course of action designed to strengthen, unite and perhaps reinvent the Liberal party of Canada, and in doing so, rally and bind a nation.

A modest task? We should say not.
Look for the Next Face Manifesto over the next 24 hours.


Mark said...

Hey - you missed a stronghold!
I.e. Atlantic Canada. Don't forget us, we held the fort yet again this time around.

Hammering Jow said...

Maybe the next leader should be the kid with his back to the camera in the front of that picture.

Who is that man today - and how can I sign up?

tobias said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks. We regret the oversight. Having spent time in Edmundston, Fredericton, Campbellton, Bathurst, Miramichi, Moncton, St John, Amherst, Truro, Port Hawkesbury, Halifax, Dartmouth, Montaque, Charlottetown, St. John's...and many other points in between, we should have known better.

I have corrected the post accordingly.

tobias said...

Find Politics, actually...that man is me.

not a lib fan said...

"It was reminded that to continue as the natural RULING party of Canada, it needs to tend to some housecleaning"
This is the problem with the Libs. They were supposed to be there to GOVERN not to RULE.

TonyGuitar said...

As a distant outsider, Vancouver Island, the fortunes of the Liberal Party rest upon being seen to banish the bad eggs to the gallows.

Also the political costs of firing Canadian crews from CSL vessels and registering in Barbados to avoid Canadain taxation
is enormous.

That action is more related to ruthless Greek shipping magnates rather than a prime minister.

The Liberals may have a further downward spiral to face as Canadians realize the *Fear Harper* campaign in the MSM was a hoax.

Also there may be more flak as voters learn about the true extent of 200 plus scams like the list published in the Toronto Sun, by Linda Williams, Jan 22nd, one day before voting day.

Once the reasonable number of bad eggs are seen to have been bounced from the party, the Liberals can rebuild trust anew.

Anonymous said...

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