Friday, February 24, 2006

A ton of Next Face news.

Welcome to a Friday morning filled with Next Face news.

First news on the Sheila Copps fundraiser which could be a watershed moment for the Liberal party as it looks to bury the hatchet. Good to see the party goers agreed with Next Face and have decided to make good on the horrible treatment of this gritty and loyal senior politician.

Tobias, the Senior Editor of our Bureau of Truth is considering the event and may actually attend. But before we spring for one of the 40 spaces left, we have decided to throw down a challenge to former Prime Minister Martin. If you attend the event, Next Face will send Tobias along with a donation of $500.00 towards the Copps Foundation.

  • Next, Carol Goar's column in today's Toronto Star looking for a Fresh Face to the Liberal party. Did she mean Next Face? We can forgive the oversight. But just this one time.

  • And finaly, Jim deWilde's article also in the Toronto Star suggesting the Liberals need an overhaul. Uh, ya? Ya think?

  • With thanks to Pierre Bourque.


    Cerberus said...

    I totally agree that this is a good thing and important for us all to move on.

    However, not to belabour the point, but how can you say she's a "gritty and loyal senior politician"??? Horrible disloyalty may have been rendered unto her, but that doesn't mean she gets to be lauded as a loyal member of the party when she was actively encouraging voters to vote against the party. Has she even bothered to re-joing the party? Is she a member?

    I don't want to dwell on that point. I don't want key players from either old regime heading up any of the leadership teams. We need to move on. Burying the hatchet is an important step in that process for the next generation though and this event is, despite the grumblings of many, a good and needed thing.


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