Friday, February 24, 2006

Chantal on Ignatieff.

I thought this was an obvious but still interesting take on the recent shadow cabinet appointments. Associate critic for human resources indeed. What is that all about? Are the Liberal acting as "..a government in temporary exile rather than a political institution in need of an overdue renewal.", as Chantal so eloquently put it? Have these people not read the Next Face Manifesto? Is Ignatieff feared on the inside because he may represent an overhaul of the system? Is this what is going on here?

Here is how Chantal tells it in her Toronto Star article today.

"...By all accounts, Michael Ignatieff is this year's star Liberal recruit. In government, his credentials would have earned him an automatic spot at the cabinet table.

But this week, Ignatieff was relegated to the post of associate critic for human resources, the opposition's equivalent of a second-tier parliamentary secretary. This treatment of a high-profile intellectual stands in stark contrast with the red carpet rolled out over the years for big business recruits such as Paul Martin, Belinda Stronach or David Emerson.

The upside for Ignatieff is that, should he seek the leadership, he will not lack for time to be on the road getting acquainted with fellow Liberals. He would hardly be the first to use the outside track to secure a national leadership post. Harper did just that a few years ago.

The downside for the Liberals is that Ignatieff's fate at the hands of the party's current management sends a strong negative message to anyone of intellectual stature who might consider joining them in their hour of need.

But the notion that all is not well with the Liberal party might not even find that many takers within its parliamentary wing.

Judging from their shadow cabinet, the Liberals still see themselves as a government in temporary exile rather than a political institution in need of an overdue renewal."
From Chantal Hébert's national affairs column.


AP said...

As this blog tries to identify the Liberal Party’s next face let me up the ante if you will. Let us put Michael Ignatieff aside for a moment. Much has already been written and I guess we will have to see if he decides to run. The other day in my critique of a Belinda Stronach leadership run I said that if the Liberal Party wanted to elect its first female leader I could think of at least five women who would make excellent candidates. Let me propose, as some people already have, the candidacy of Louise Arbour. I heard her speak a few years back and I can tell you that she left the audience spellbound. There was not a person in the room who did not want her to stop. This is a woman of supreme intelligence and accomplishment. At the end of her speech I thought that Jean Chretien had made a mistake in appointing her to the Supreme Court and that he should have made her Minister of Justice. She is fluently bilingual. She is a Francophone and if you subscribe to the theory of alternating between Anglophones and Francophones than she fits the bill. She is a fierce advocate of individual liberties as evidenced by her time as a justice on the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. Currently as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights she has “spoken truth to power” by telling the United States that the Guantanamo detention camp must be shut down. Of course her time as the chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal won her kudos the world over. She is an example of a Canadian making a real difference in the world. She has a clear understanding of world affairs and she is no stranger to the problems that plague Canadian society. Her Commission into the treatment of woman at the Kingston Penitentiary was a landmark moment in Canadian penal history. She is a woman of substance who should not be underestimated. I throw this comment out there to begin debate.

Cerberus said...

Ignatieff not in a critics role is no big deal. No other rookie MP is a frontline critic. If it was Ignatieff's decision, it was a smart decision: makes him look more like a team player and not an elitist. If it was Graham's decision, it was a smart decision: don't show favouratism, no stars walking over tradition/Parliamentary experience (don't forget, this is a critics role not a cabinet position); plus, without the Parliamentary experience and anticipating being on the campaign trail, it would have given the Tories an easy ride in whatever critics portfolio.

As for the suggestion of Abour running... wow! That would be an amazing thing. Don't know enough to say she would make a great leader/PM, but she would bring a lot to the table and the thought of her even in cabinet (Justice or Foreign Affairs) would be electrifying.

One of the things not talked about yet - not surprisingly because the race is not yet actually on - is that, if all these candidates actually chose to run in the next election even if they lose the leadership, the Liberals will have a huge amount of recognizable talent on the front benches and almost none of them with ties or significant ties to the two warring camps.



Alex said...

Now you're talking - Louise Arbour demonstrates what is fundamentally the heart and soul of Canada.
While you so tritely likened the heart and soul of Canada to a Tim Horton’s customer you blithely ignored and mocked what Canadians believe at their core what Canada is about - equality, peace and tolerance.
Ignatieff does not embody these values he is America’s boy not Canada's.

Academia does not see what the real world does - it reflects big thinkers, big ideas and little realism.

Trudeau, though an academic understood the everyman. He valued the everyman and chose to bring him and her to Canada from everywhere knowing that they would make a difference and understanding that they would value a Canada that was being created by those who wanted peace.

In Louise Arbours words:
"The values of freedom, equality and tolerance reflect a very large consensus in Canada. They are values which have been entrenched in the Constitution through the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and embodied in our international commitments under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, amongst others. I want to ask you today, however - perhaps somewhat provocatively - if we have done everything within our power to give those values, and those legal commitments, effect in our day-to-day life as a nation"

We need someone who like Ms. Arbour will challenge us to keep and defend at its core our identity as Canadians.

So while I disagree with your Ignatieff position, hallelujah to Louise Arbour.

Andy said...

If Mme Louise Arbour is a woman of supreme intelligence and accomplishment and will not be in the service of Power Corporation, why not?
At least she is an educated person.
"Blinda Stronach the great" cannot be at the level of her pupil in the knowledge.

I believe, Mme Louise Arbour can be a better candidate for the party.

Bruce Lyth said...

Seems like Chantal is almost endorsing Ignatieff for Lib leader. The underlying subtext: Ignatieff represents positive change and renewal for the party.
That said, I also don't think the critic's roles are that big of a deal. I think he can still demonstrate his competence in Parliament without having to scream some question at a trembling Rona Ambrose or whomever during Question Period. ;p

Andy said...

Please forget the daughter of Mr. Frank Stronach, Mrs. Blinda Stronach; Michael Igantieff, Giusseppe Vople, Mario Silva, Tonny Ianno, John Godfrey , Hedy Fry and those people like these; these people cannot distinguish their rights hands from their left hands!

There are very good people for leadership.

Mr. Igantieff has a mission for wars and destruction around the world.

Mr. Igantieff and Blinda Stronach are even the worst for underdeveloped countries.

Mme Louis Arbour is a good beginnig for searching for the qualified and accountable politicians.

Andy said...

Please forget the daughter of Mr. Frank Stronach, Mrs. Blinda Stronach; Michael Igantieff, Giusseppe Vople, Mario Silva, Tonny Ianno, John Godfrey , Hedy Fry and those people like these; these people cannot distinguish their rights hands from their left hands!

There are very good people for leadership.

Mr. Igantieff has a mission for wars and destruction around the world.

Mr. Igantieff and Blinda Stronach are even the worst for underdeveloped countries.

Mme Louis Arbour is a good beginnig for searching for the qualified and accountable politicians.

Anonymous said... for a real change; ideas, renewal, and a step forward.

Andy said...

Pro hatred, pro cartoons, pro war, pro Abu ghraib, pro Gulag, pro Guantanamo, pro civilizations clashes are those politicians such as Michael Igantieff, who love wars for plundering of the mineral resources and oil of African, Asian and South American countries.
Wars are reflecting a dominated system in North America and Europe is in crisis.
Wars today are wasting human lives and humanity;s time on an extraordinary scale.

Why Mr. Igantieff is not thinking about the child poverty rate in Canada, which is over 15 percent?

UNICEF estimates that 30,000 children die every day from hunger and hunger-related causes.

Nutrititionists estimated that over 2 billion people on earth suffer from chronic hunger or worse.

Most of this hunger is not caloric, but the result of deficiencies of " micronutrients" such as vitamin A, iron and iodine with devastating health effects, including permanent brain and neurological damage, blindness and death.

Estimately, near 800,000 people in Ontario are dependent on the soical welfare system, which has been cut 22 per cent since 1993.

The soical welfare system is paying for very single person about $ 530 in every month while the rent of a single bed room is over$ 600 in every month.

They have no money for their foods and clothes.

The Canadian Council of Welfare says, the minimal money for every single person must be $ 1600 in every month; this is the poverty line in Ontario.

But the government pays only $ 500 in every month and is not ready to help these people to find a suitable job.

Many of these people, who are dependent to welfare system are very good educated people and immigrants who are ignored by the government of Canada.

Over 300,000 people in Ontario are disabled and are receiving only $950 in every month while the poverty line is $ 1600 in every month.

Many people in Canada are suffering from hunger, diseases and psychological disorders, but Mr. Igantieff is promoting wars and hatred in the world.

Mr. Igantieff, Blinda Stronach, Mario Silva, Tonny Ianno, Tony Valeri, Giusseppe Volple, Hedy Fry, John Godfery, Ujjal Dusanj and people like these in Liberal party are those pygmies, who have the opportunistic natures; these are without heart and they are those lobbuists for big corporations.

The Liberal party must escape from yoke of Power Corporation Energy Company in Montreal and its Alliance TotalFinElf; these are oil and energy companies for creating of wars around the world.

Power Corporation and TotalFiaElf are married because the same people are in the borad of directors.

They are in Mjnoon Island in Iraq, in Bilal fiel of Iran, in Nigeria, in Sudan, in Uganda and all regions of wars.

To create the animosity between ethnicities in Africa and in Asia are their policies.

The military coups and working with weapons big companies are their strategies.

Many of Canadian's polictians and prime ministers are the slaves of Power Corporation in Montreal.

The policies of Canada are influenced by big oil companies and other big corporations, who want to get big wealth in Africa, Soutth America and in Asia.

TonyGuitar said...

It hurts me to see you flail about trying to focus on a potential Liberal leader.

There isn't any !

Here's the winning formula.

Martin returns as leader. Brilliant people are capable of changing their minds.

Martin's words are worshipped by the MSM, so Martin does a house-cleaning. Demotes all those who are the Chretionite cronies and the major ADscam artists.

Martin, with his freshly purified cabinet, marches forward faulting Harper policies, [every word echoed in the MSM], and espousing the new Whistle Blower purity of the party.

Along the way, Martin can bring his idea of the next Liberal leader into public focus.

This is the obvious route to take, yet I am not a member of any party. TG

Andy said...

Martin et al must be put in real trial becuase of the expansion of poverty, gang, guns and crimes in Canada.

The discovery of 83 kilos Cocain the the ship of Sheila-Anne from his Canadian Steamship Line in July 1, 2004 reflected how big are the problems of Canada.

Martin said these cocains, estimately over $ 15 million dollars, have been put by divers in Venezuela, where this ship came from.

Why nobody investiageted deeply the real story of 83 kilos cocains in Paul Martin's ship in july 1, 2004?

Paul martin and his co-workers harmed millions of people in Canada and they used the tax havens in FOC countries such as Liberia and Barbados.

He and David Herle and et al are not honest and accountable.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff is actually going against Power Corp.; I believe they were in fact trying to destry Ignatieff during his campaign but failed; they seem to see him as a threat to thier establishment over the Party hence the artificially generated animosity towards academics and intellectuals in the Libs.

powercorp said...

Anonyous raises a good point. Who will the PowerCorp candidate be in this race? And how do we stop that person?

Andy said...

The former premier of Ontario, Bob Rae has a brother in Poweer Corporation, who is the vice-president of Power Corporation.

Bob Rae and Michael Igatieff are very good friends and have been together in Baghdad for support f wars and Abu Ghraib; How Power Corporation can be against Mr. Igasnatieff?

JB said...

Where would you get the inpression Ignatiff is in favor of Abu Girab; ever read his writtings in their entirety rather than supposed "smoking gun" media slippits?

Andy said...

The support any war means crimes, gangs, prostiitution, poverty, deaths, tortures, Abu Ghraibs and destruction.

In no war, you can expect giving of prosperity and health for people.

Mr. Michael Igantieff has repeatedly supported wars by showin gof his presence in Iraq and solidarity for the occupied soldiers.

Mr. Boba Rae, who has suggested the increasing of tuitions and all costs for the students in Ontario and Canada, is the best friend of Mr. Igantieff; they went together to Iraq, where the brother of Bob Rae, Mr. John Rae under the name of TotalFinaElf Oil Corporation (the invisible hand of Power Corporation in Africa, Asia and...) are working with other the giant oil companies related to the occupation forces.

TotalFinaElf is belonging to France, but Power Corporation has the highest shares in this giant oil company.

The Majonn Island and othder places in Iraq are under exploration and activities of TotalFinaElf Oil company.

TotalFinaElf also has large activities in Aslavia gas fields of Iran.

Mr. Bob Rae took Mr. Igantieff to the occupied Iraq to show to his brother Jon Rae, the vice-president of Power Corporation related to TotalFinaElf that Mr. Igantieff also promotes wars and destructions for wealth and power through giant oil companies.

Mr. Bob Rae and his brother John Rae are working for the gian oil companies; Mr. Bob Rae claims he is working for constitution of Iraq!!!?

The lasw in Iraq are based on Sharia and Qu'ran; how can Mr. Bob Rae understand the alphabet of Islam?

Mr. Bob Rae is promting wars and oil companies and his law office is in Toronto's Bay Street.

Mr. Igantieff has promoted and will promote more and more wars and destructions around the world because of quick wealth through oil.

He does not want to sit in the corner of his samll room at university; he want to be arich man through big oil companies and cfreating of wars and killing of millions of people around the world.

He supports wars and deaths; so he is supporting Abu Ghraibs, Guantanamo and Gulags.

Authomatically, he promotes hatred against other ethnicies; his insults to Ukrainians are the clear-cut evidences

Anonymous said...

The draft Ignatieff website:
The site looks really great and has a lot of information about his views. As well, the English version is now working which is a help to those who don't speak French.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Andy, it seems a little far fetched.

James Curran said...

Andy. Get yor facts straight. Who the hell told you Rae and Iggy are "best friends"? Where the hell do you see the two of those guys haveing a Starbucks. Man give your head a shake. Yes, Bob Rae's brother is the VP at Power Corp. NO Bob Rae should not be our leader.

So let me understand this hypothetically. You are my best friend. Your brother is the VP of Power Corp. That makes me, an ex-professor at Harvard, a Power Corp Pawn. Woah. Good theory.

Secondly, Michael Ignatieff supported the was in Iraq based on Human Rights Injustices! He has since written many a paper calling for the withdrawal of troops in Iraq.

Thirdly, Iggy has forgotten more abot human injustice than any of us will ever know. To suggest he supports anything that entails human suffering, you have to be daffed.

Fourthly, Chantal is not endorsing anyone. She's stating a fact. The guy is listening to the Joe Average Liberal. People like us. People that have never had a voice before. He's not lining himself up with power players. He's out there talking with youth, business, Liberals!But hey.......what do I know?

The What Do I Know Grit.

Cerberus said...

In my view, you know a lot more than Andy. That's for sure. Thanks for the informative comments.

Andy said...

One of the Ignatieff's organizer for the leadership in the party is Senator David Paul Smith;in the 1990s, he worked as a senior backroom adviser to Liberal leader Jean Chrétien, playing a leading role in the party's election campaigns.
The daugher of Jean Chretien, Ms. France is married with the youngest son of the God, the Boss & the Chairman of the Power Corporation, namely Mr. Andrew Desmarais (and TotalFinaElf Oil Company.

Mr. David Smith, the main organizer of Ignatieff for the leadership of party is a Jean Chrétien loyalist and Power Corporation supporter. Mr. Smith was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 2002, and was outspoken in his support for Jean Chrétien against attempts by Paul Martin to force the Prime Minister to retire.

Jean Chreteien is working is the friend and a near relative to Mr. Paul Desmarais sr., who is the GOD and BOSS in the Energy and oil economy in Canada, Switzerland, France and Europe.

Mr. Paul Desmarais made from a poor Paul Martin, who worked as a truck driver for Maurice F. Strong in Manitoba, a prsident for CSL by helping him to receive over $ 189- million from the Royakl Bank of Canada; Paul Martin who worked since 1975 for Paul Desmarais in Montreal, in 1981, together with Lawrence Pathy bought the CSL.

Mr. John Rae, the brother of Bob Rae, who is the VP of Power Corporation, is the former classmate and a friend of Mr. Igantieff.

Is Mr. Igantieff, a baby or he knows where he goes with his friends?

Andy said...

Thomas Jefferson once said:

" if an honest heart is the first blessing, a knowing head is the second."

Where are our knowing heads?

tobias said...

Where are our honest hearts?

CuriosityKilledTheCat said...

The Fathers of Canada’s Deconfederation ...

Do yourself a favour: dig out the Robert Harris painting of the 37 Fathers of Confederation. Now place before you photos of Stephen Harper and each Premier.

These are the new Founding Fathers of Canadian Deconfederation. Some artist should start work on a painting similar to that of Harris, to record for posterity the faces of these new Fathers.

Why? Because these men are now busily and stealthily engaged in the constructive deconfederation of Canada, under the guise of Harper’s “New Federalism” and “fiscal imbalance.”

They are avoiding open discussion in Parliament and their respective Provincial legislatures, because they know that there would be an outcry from citizens should it become apparent – through such debate – that these men are trying to do in private rooms, that which could not survive in the light of day. They are agreeing – without mandates from their respective voters – to change the nature of our confederation in such a way as to significantly weaken the bonds that bind this country together.

You don’t believe me? Then google fiscal imbalance harper. Read the commentaries you will find referred to there. Read Sinclair Stevens. Read Andrew Coyne.

Listen to the modern Canadian Paul Revere’s, riding furiously to warn citizens, crying One if by open debate, two if by stealth.

And then do your part as a citizen of Canada: Light two lamps, to signal to the body politic that their Confederation is being stolen from them by stealth.

Andy said...

To start for the lighting of two lamps or more for signaling to the body politic, we need to have a definition from the politics of truth.
If we want to have those politicians like Paul Martin, Michael Igantieff, Gen.Rick Hillier and Gen. Romeo Dallaire, who know about the the huge mineral reseources, Gold, Cupper in the Darfur of Sudan and are trying to establish an occupation army estimately over 45000 soldiers under the umberella of the GENOCIDE in Darfur, then choose Micahel Igantieff or the friends of Paul Martin.

Gen. Romeo Dallaire, who was in Rwanda and did nothing except observing of slaughter and mass killing of millions of African, is promoting the establishing of an army of 45000 soldiers in Darfur.

Mr. Michael Ignatieff, the man of wars and destructions from John F. Kennedy college of Harvard (Carr Human Rights Institute!!) is supporting the estbalishing of 45000 soldiers; he knows a bout the huge ocean of oil, gas and minearl resources in Darfur.

China also wants from this oil and gas; this country has been participated in many contracts.

USA wants to have the Darfur for itself; like a big lion, who wants to hunt alone and eat alon! Canada, China, India, European countries are around this lion for having some portions from hunting in Darfur of Sudan.

The petroleum and minearal-resources-based propagandas for the human rights in the Darfur of Sudan, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Uganda and the regions of the Middle East have some politicians like Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae, Paul Martin, en. Rick Hillier, and Gen. Romeo Dallaire.

Romeo Dalleire and his wife are propagating for the human rights in Rwanda and Sudan, but they ignore african and immigrants in Canada, who are writing them about their miseries and poverty.

Michael Ignatieff, Mario Silva, Giusseppe Volpe, Tony Ianno, Hedy Fry, Tony Valeri, Paul Martin, Blinda Stronach, Ujjal Dosanjh, and those, who behave like these politicians, are not honest; they have the opportunistic natures; they want to be around the lion for receiving some share from hunting in the power.

Please read about Darfur and the role of Mr. Michael Igantieff for sending of soldiers to Africa and Darfur.

Everwhere in the world, his priorities are army, soldiers and killing of people.

His human rights are killing of african, asian, arabs and the people of the South America.

Anonymous said...

Wow . . . I've heard some pretty out there and unfounded stuff about M. Ignatieff, but this Andy fellow takes the cake. If you've ever read any of his books or heard him speak (even read one of his speaches), you would know that M. Ignatieff would not support Abu Ghraib (he condemns torture as a very slippery slope in "the lesser evil"). He did support the Iraqi war at one point, motivated by the largescale human rights abuses of Hussein, but with criteria - none of which the Bush administration met.

Almost everything (if not everything) Andy accuses M. Ignatieff of is entirely contradictory to M. Ignatieff's views that he has actively espoused and lobbied for for decades. Not to mention that many of these accusations go beyond speculation in their unfoundednesss.

I really find myself liking the active debate going on in all of these blogs about the prospective leaders. Naturally there will be disagreement, and for the most part it has been really interesting to consider some of these emerging arguments. I have, however, noticed a growing trend of people attacking some possible candidates with little reasoning or completely fabricated allegations. It is possible to disagree with a person's views or what they stand for without having to villify them. Most of the people who have the potential to be a candidate in this race are very admirable, for many different reasons. In their own way, they each bring a different vision of how to better a country, and it is up to us and the people of Canada to find the right one.

It would be really nice, and more beneficial to all, to have a more positive and constructive debate within the party about the future, rather than turn this all into a massive factionalised hate-campaign.

We should be focusing on unity and the future, taking into consideration the mistakes of the past, rather than continuing the petty infighting that seems to have become characteristic of this party.

Andy said...

If Michael Igantieff et al and also Gen.& Senator Romeo Dallaire (appointed by Paul Martin) et al are encouraging the African Union to agree and to give its force in Darfur a stronger mandate with over 45000 soldiers to intervene in Saudan under the name of protection of civilians, but actually for multi corporations's interests in Gold, oil, cupper, Gas and other mineral resources in Darfur, who can support the Darfur Accountability Act, which is based on petroleum and ecnmoic interests of giant oil companies?

Don't we remember the speech of the Canadian minister for foreign affairs in January 2000, when he ignored to punish the Talisman oil company's authorities, who gave the Heglig of the Sudan for using of Sudanes aircrafts for fuel and bombarding millions of people in Darfur?

Why Canadian's minister, who was from the Liberal party refused to punish the killers of people in Darfur?

When the Canadian commission for Sudan's genocide reported the Talisman oil company from Calgary had helped to sudanes soldiers for killing of millions of people, the minster of foreign affair said, wy are not going to punish the killers and the collaborators of the Genocide because weh have no reports and recommndation from the United Nations!

Mr. Ignatieff, always has promoted sending of soldiers and supporting of the giant oil companies' interests in the Darfur of Sudan, where there are the greatest reserves of gold, oil,gas, cupper and other mineral resources.

Every politician in the politics of the North America, Europe, China, Japan and Russia, when they get up from their beds every day, first are thinking on their own pockets.

Mr. Michael Igantieff left the John F. Kenneday college in Harvard, not because the Liberal party has the blond woman such as Blinda Stronach, who changes her husband and boyfriends as she changes her shoes, but also because of the promises of the giant oil and energy companies to him.

Mr. Michael Igantieff wants to be a rich man as soon as possible; the Darfur of Sudan is the best way; Iraq is the best way' Iran is the best way, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are the best ways.

Mr. Michael Igantieff can explain his stories to kids in the kindergartens, but not for us.

If he believes, people are not aware of the huge interests of giant oil comapnies and their puppets in the governments, he makes his big mistakes.

Andy said...

We are not surprising, when the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein is refusing to accept his crimes in the village of " Dujail" in Iraq in 1982.
Mr. Saddam Hussein. whose father's grave has been destroyed recently by some people, said:'Which crimes?
If I have exceuted about 189 people in Dujail, it was my right as a president of Iraq!!

Mr. Idy Amin in Uganda, Pol Pot in Cambodia, and other leaders and dictators are not accepting the killings of millions of people are criminalities; they say: which crimes?

In Canada, when the Canadian Commission for Sudan and Darfur reported the crimes of Talisman oil company in Calgary for collaboration and killing of thousands of people and replacing of millions of people from the oil fields in Sudan, the minister of foreign affairs from the Liberal party said; which crimes?
The members of the Liberal party, the Conservatives and the NDP closed their eyes to massacre and the genocides in Sudan because of their encnomical interests in Sudan?

Saddam Hussein exchanged the petrodollars with a petroleum oil compnay in Calgary, where Paul Martin had 3.8 percent shares; this company was from Maurice F. Strong, the mentor of Paul Martin; and the president of this compnay was Mr. Fred Strong, the son of Maurice Strong.

The petrodollars of Saddam Hussein was delivered from a bank in Jordan by a former spy of the Korean spionage agency, who was the friend of Mr. Strong.

Mr. Maurice F. Strong, the senior advisor of Paul Martin and his mentor was deported to Canada from his job in the United Nations.

Mr. Maurice F. Strong was involved in the illegal activities of Oil and Food affairs of the United nations.

Anonymous said...


to say Dallaire stood by in Rwanda and did nothing shows just how twisted and disgusting your mind is. You have no credibility.

Andy said...

The truths come by investigations and inquiries. when the Canadian Commission for Sudan and especially for the Heglig region of Sudan, where the Talisman Oil Company (Michael Buckee) from Calgary had its facilities for fuels of the fighting aircrafts of Sudan for bombarding of the thousands of innocent civilians, then what's wrong with me if I say where are the credibilities of Mr. Ignatieff and et al?

Instead of punishing of those who committed these crimes against the people of Sudan, Mr. Igantieff and General Romero Dallaire are willing to send over 45000 soldiers for weaponization of the region!

The huge reserves of the Darfur for oil, gas,. gold , cupper and other mineral resources are reasons for sending troops for supporting of the interests of the giant oil corporations and others, who want to have shares from this region.

It makes no sense to accuse me for lack of credibility and defending from General Romeo Dallaire, General Rick Hiller and Michael Igantieff.
These Generals have enough weapons and soldiers for defending of their interests.

Andy said...

The Canadian Commission for the truths in Darfur reported and condemned the extensive collaboration of the Talisman Oil Company from Calgary for bombarding and killing of thousands civilians and replacing of millions of people in the oil field regions in January 2000. Am I credible by this investigation or Generals, who have supported these genocides?
Michael Ignatieff wants more weaponization of Africa, space?
Is this the human rights?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you look at France's involvement rater than Dallaire. They trained the army and malitias which undertook the killing; they helped members of the genocidaire government escape, such as Theoneste Bagasore; they helped top ranking military and militia officials escape into the DRC and set up training camps for expatriate loyolists to the genocidaire government(under the Auspice of the UN mandated Operation Turquoise, butchers which fled the RPF's growing onslaught; this has largely been responsible for the devestating 11 and a half years of bloodshed which have followed in the DRC resulting in an estimated 3 million dead. Let's not forget the UN Security Council's role in preventing any sort of action (while the genocidaire government maintained a rotating seat on the Security Counil mind you) despite numerous attempts by Dallaire to get the mandate expanded so he could intervene; let's not forget the famous Januarry 11th cable, in which Dallaire said he was going to disarm a rogue element of the government storing weapons in a Presidential headquarters but was replied to under no circumstances to take any offensive action. Lets not forget that Jean Christophe Mitetrand, the son of then French President Farancois Mitterand, was coordinating arms sale to the genocidaire government before and during the genocide (including several instances under the auspice of Operation Turquoise).

Anyone willing to search trough UN archives (available online) knows that Dallaire as well as other sub-org.s of the UN were warning that the situation on the ground in Rwanda was going to explode, likely into genocide. Despite repeated attempts from Dallaire (also available in public documents) to get a mandate expansion and numerous sources pointing to the necessasity to take action and disarm the Habriamana government in the year preeding his assassination, which sparked the worse genocide in recorded history, the Security Council refused. Lets not forget that the Security Council knowingly undermandated UNAMIR forces to a chapter 6 peacekeeping operation with a narrow mandate as well as the UN members who failed to give any relevant logistical support which resulted in the death of the Belgian soldiers and the slaughter of 800 000 people. Lets not forget that Boutros Boutros Ghali was selling weapons to the Habriamana regime before he was Secretary General. Lets not forget that Despite Dallaire's efforts to get a UN owned radio frequency jamming system (a tool which would have helped UNAMIR shut down radio stations such as Radio Mille Colline, necessary in disseminating hate to the public and coordinating the slaughter led by the Interhamwe militias), it sat in a warehouse in Italy the entire time it was requested before and troughout the genocide. Let's not forget that the international community turned its back on Rwanda until the RPF defeated the genocidaire forces.

Andy, learn to do some real research instaed of fera and conspiracy mongering. If you think Dallaire was complicit in the genocide, you are grossely mistaken and slandering the name of a Canadian and global hero. so FUCK YOU. If you want to argue Ignatieff is backed by Power Corps fine. But don't spread bullshit about stuff which is well documented such as what occured in Rwanda.

tobias said...

Dallaire is indeed a Candian hero.

Andy said...

Let's not forget that your argument and reasons ended with your capability to say: F. YOU?? instead of being polite and having hygenic language and saying why General Romeo Dallaire's health is deteriorating?
This expression of F. You shows how deeply you are integerated to the clans of those Generals, who are commanding the genocides in Africa and later they are writing their stories in the manipulatiove fashions.

Every crime is condemned, no matter from which country.

Those Generals and politicians, who once kiss the hands of Power & Wealth are forgeting humanity and serving to people.

To climb into the bedrooms of Ms and Mr. Power and to be rich and powerful is the reason, why many politicians and generals are manipulating the realities, which have happened.

General Romeo Dallaire and his wife are believing writing of any biographies about the past trense of Rwanda and Africa can be a way for their shows for reflecting the geneocides.

General R. Dallaire, apparently has a big problem with the present tense, because he ignofres the prsent tense; he lets all crimes happens and the gencoides happen and the giant corporations plundern the mineral resources of african; and after success of evils, General R. Dallaire writes about the past tense; abou how hero and champion he was in the battlefield!

Let those africans, who have seen and registered the failures and crimes of the Generals in Africa to die, then talk about the chamiopnship of the generals.

To write about past tense is a kind of cover up while General R. Dallaire fails to be a good human and helpful in the present time.

I am not in favour of crimes and geneocides; I am in favour of humanity, peace and prsent tense.

I am not writing biographies of those generals, who failed to help to people pf Africa.

Today, we need helps and General Romeao Dallaire is in the Senate and recieving money from taxpayers, who are ignored by him et al in Canada

Andy said...

To fertilize the ovule of the arrogance, racism and stupidity of militarism in any forms, some of the chicken-brain-installed politicians and generals are enjaculating their spermaztozoon of the early 21st century to the political agendas of Canada.

These ignorants in the real politics are acting prescisely by exploiting the light of day for expansion of their tyranny and darkness.

The puppets of the giant corporations can be selected from philosophers, artists, journalists, students, actors, soldiers, generals, workers and scientists.

The genocides are the complex activities of many sectors by using of the coprporate media for manipulating of events.

The Generals, who are committing crimes and killing of innocent people, are the slaves of the giant corporations and their own ignorances.

The political parties are the places for their activities.

They create the law markets and law games.

That's why the puppets of the giant oil companies are penetrating into the leadership of the party.

The liberal party is vulnerable to have a puppet of the giant oil companies, who shows himself or herself as an intellectual.

To verbalize emotion and say to me F. YOU, please look at your rationality and wisdom.

Please do not send your wisdom and rationality to a long-term vacations.

Please use the hygenic language instead of the official expression of GENERAQLS: F. YOU.

I respect peace, democracy and the rights of all humans around the world to dignity and to life.

Any military presence and killing of people in any part of the world means committing crimes.

Anonymous said...

you seemed more concerned with the politeness of language used than the content presented. You have failed to address any of the issues raised against your arguments. Instead you continue to negatively paint Dallaire in light of your theory of corporate takeover. Yes corporations are behind a lot of dirty things, but that has no connection to Dallaire's action on the ground in Rwanda (quite heroic indeed). So start by addressing the counter-facts presented against your belief that Dallaire was trying to let people be slaughtered so that some multinationals can takeoevr Rwanda.

As for your view that "Any military presence and killing of people in any part of the world means committing crimes", does that mean that when a group is commiting genocide or gross violations of human rights, the international community cannot intervene militarily (the only way to stop the slaughter)? Because to stand by seems much more criminal than to step up and do something.

Unless you address the facts presented regarding the UN, the French, and the international community, and why it is you believe these to be irrelevant, it will be assumed that your arguments are based on little or no substance, other than some far-fetched observations with no evidencwe to back it.

Andy said...

I repeatedly emphasize all wars are the results of stupidity of uncivilized people, who have sent their wisdoms and rationalities to the long-term vacations.

The wars in Africa, Asia, South America and elsewhere are noy accidental; they are the results of the plotting of those generals and politicians, who are claiming they are sending their troops for the peacful purposes.

We have no examples of any peaceful purposes of militarism in the world.

Militarism means crimes and killing of the innocent people for more interests and more barbarism.

Why these civilized countries do not have the ministery of peace? Why all of these countries have the ministry of wars?

Why the United Nations is not sending a minister for peace to every country?

Why the United Nations' authorities are involved in the vicious activities of the giant corporations?

The giant corporations are giving jobs to those authorities of the United Nations, who need any jobs after their retirements or their needs.

The war has no constructive meaning; it means to destroy and to kill.

The generals of militarism and wars, who need any specific charisma, are writing biographies for their particpations in wars; they manipulate the events and they reflect themselves as heros.

The General Romeo Dallire is an integral part of the war and militarism; and militarism means killing, destroying and ignoring the lives of people.

The General Romeo Dallaire cannot be a peaceful man as long as he particpated as a general in wars against people.

General Dallaire knows how deeply he was involved in those crimes and wars; he is suffering from the neurological diseases now; he consumes many psychopharmacological drugs.

General R. Dallaire can write many books and prepare many governemntal documents through his friends in the government of Canada; the real documents have been registered in the minds and hearts of those people, who have suffered from the wars of these generals.

The legal documents are not the documents of the generals with many stars; the real documents are in Africa.

R. Dallaire ignores people in Canada and he is satisfied with his money from the Senaate.

R. Dallaire, Paul Martin, Bob Rae and Michael Igantieff are for wars in Africa; they support the interests of the giant corporations in Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and the rest of Africa.

R. Dallaire et al are silent for so much crimes in Africa, in the Middle East and in the South America as he et al were silent in the genocides in Rwanda and other parts of Africa.

These books and biographies of the generals are only for Paul Martin et al in Canada; people will not pay any cents to these books.

Please learn the alphabet of wars; the alphabet of wars say: Wars are for killing and destroying.

In Wars, the is no distributiion of BIG MAG, Coffee or cakes.

The existence of wars and the prsensce of the generals of Western countries there, means killing and plundering and destruction.

This is my document for a war; you can get your documents from the generals with many stars.

Jason Townsend said...

I guess it is futile to point you to the writings of Dallaire and Ignatieff insofar as they refute your arguments; if you're not interested, you're not interested.

A position of unequivocal, uncompromising and absolute pacifism means that you can sit back and condemn the genocidal and those who would stop genocide in the same breath; how convenient for you, how unfortunate for everyone else.

Those of us who value our fellow human beings and wish to preserve and promote their essential rights and dignity cannot afford to treat politics as a lopsided abstraction in which our only foreign policy is to mourn.

JB said...

Right on Jason!

Andy said...

I'd like to advise the authorities of TVs in Canada not too much show the films, which are related to admiration of wars by western countries.
These films have caused that some of the liberals in Canada believe we have 2 different kinds of killings: When the Hutu and TUTsi (because of the tricks of the Western countries) in Rwanda are killing each other, these killings are bad.

But if the soldiers of the western countries are killing the people of the world, especially the people in Africa, Asia and South America, these killings are good because these killings are from the western countries.

If we analyse both of these wars and killings in Africa, in Asia and in the South Amercia, we see the seeds of all these wars are from the plots, tricks and policies of these western countries.

It makes no sense to advise these liberals, who believe the generals of the western countries are the great heros!

This is the matter of understanding and the capcity of wisdom and rationality.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're right on something. There was two types of killing going on, or actually two wars of sorts. The first, which had never really ended with cease-fires, but rather sat in a pressure-cooker waiting to explode, was the long standing civil war between the Habyriamana regime (shadowed by an org known as HutuPower, led by figures such as Theoneste Bagasora) and the RPF, composed largely of decades-long Tutusi exiles from a slaughter in the 70s as well as moderate Hutus who were fed up of the hate being propagated and disseminated by the extremists in power and behind the scenes.

The other was the genocide that ensued after the plane crash of Habyriama. When the interem Rwandan government (HutuPower), which also happened to have a rotating seat on the Security Council throughout the second kind of killing, one of extermination. This governement, if you can call it that, as the regime before it, was militarily supplied and trained by the French government and Army (see Jean-Christophe Mitterand's role in arming them).

This second type of killing blew the lid of the pressure cooker from the first, extended war, when RPF forces broke the cease-fire line and fought to defeat the government forces.

Throughout these two wars, UNAMIR forces were caught in the cross-fire of two types of killings. While Dallaire did everything he could to try and stop both wars, the blood flowed, the international community turned its back and debated on semantics.

I think maybe you should begin by examining France's role in the genocide before you start accusing people who struggled, and continue, to try and make a difference. Why don't you start examining some Human Rights Watch reports, or reading the works of Samantha Powers or Philip Gourevich (or are they all involved in the Western multinational corporation controlled network which you believe includes Romeo Dallaire).

Oh yes, before I forget, if by "When the Hutu and TUTsi (because of the tricks of the Western countries)" you mena the artificial creation of the ethenic identities know as Hutu and Tutsi's, artificial creation by the Belgian authorities, who took over 'Trusteeship' of Rwanda from Germany under the League of Nations as part of the Versaille Treaty's dismanteling of German colonies, as a strategy of devide and conquer between two groups based largely on distinctions of professions (farmers or herders), turning that into ethnic identities and instilling hatred between them (even creating ID cards distinguishing between Hutu -Tutsi, still present in 1994 and helped in the organised sytematic killing), then you were also right. But you will have to present your argument in a clearer, and more coherent fashion. Otherwise, you just look silly and with little credibility.

I've done my research on Rwanda (and other genocides) and continue to do so. Subjects including the role of Western governments and citizens in these genocides, like France in Rwanda, the US in East Timor, the US in Guatemala, so on and so forth. If you'd like I can point you to some sources (though I suspect you will accuse them of being inn on the conspiracy too), because you seem to seriously be lacking those.

So while "these Liberals", myself included, work on trying to bring some sort of justice to the international community (remember the ICC and the Ottawa Covention banning landmines, peacekeeping in Bosnia, or are those in on the conspiracy also) and at home with programs like the gun registry, oh yes lets not forget saying no to missile deffense and going into Iraq (we have the JLCQ and the Womens Commision of the Liberal party to thank for that), the Consrevatives can scrap the gun registry and look for ways to embed themselves with the Bush administration and the NDP can (do they even have a foreign policy platform?)do stuff like stand by and watch as genocides happen (I doubt they would even have allowed Dallaire to lead UNAMIR, or send officers during the genocide, the only Western county to do so in order to try and stop the killing) you can continue to live in la la land.

Yes Multinational corporations do nasty thing s in the world, so do Western governments, and other governments, as well as private individuals. But lets face it, trying to say Dallaire had something to do in the genocide is absolutely rediculous and completely unfounded (i.e. Bullshit, and note that I am restrainign myself because you seem to be sensitive to vulger language). Maybe in your cause, you should try some research and fact-finding, because quite frankly, I doubt you are offering much enlightment or episteme in any way.

So if you want to continue this little debate on Rwanda, please offer an argument worth reading and taking up blog space.

Andy said...

Hey Anonymous, you have a good heart for peace; I admire you. But for studying on the african miseries,we all need to buy some criticisms to these North Amercian countries, including Canada and also some other western countries.
I try to explain my concerns with very simple words.

How wonderful you agreed with me about the involvement of the western countries; you wrote:

"Multinational corporations do nasty thing s in the world, so do Western governments, and other governments, as well as private individuals."

You added:
"these Liberals", myself included, work on trying to bring some sort of justice to the international community."

I believe, you are full aware of meaning of justice and fairness.

If the Liberals, in the last 12 years, have deprived the most ethnicities from participation in the army of Canada and have employed over 95 percent only the white european Canadians, then how can we expect these Liberals are for justice in Africa, Asia and in the South America?

Is army of Canada, only for the white europeans?

Is it justice?

Look at the Canadians's soldiers, look at the most Canadians' police officers!

Over 90 percent, they are the white europeans; they are those, who belong to anglophones and in some cases to francophones and Italians.

How can you talk about the justice in the Liberal party, when this party prevents the participation of many ethnicities in Canada in the government?

The government of Canada has begum wars at home with its own ethnicities and deprive them from participation.

When the government of Canada has wars at home with its own people, I assure you, this government will kill and eliminate africans, asians and the people of South America.

Please look at your own documents.

Andy said...

I'm not silly Mr. or Ms. Anonymous!
First, you eqipped and used your language to the non-hygenic language of the former premier of Ontario by saying: F. YOU.
And now, you believe your fantasy and illusions in your studies in Rwanda, are substantiate and my argument are not substantiate and I am silly!!
I am not blaming you for using of the language of Mike Harris and the language of the generals, who are killing millions of people in wars.

Your darling General Romeo Dallaire, who calls himself the officer of wars, fighting,killings, genocides and destructions must be happy when you are calling those who are gainst wars and genocides as silly and F. You.

General Romeo Dallaire (officer of wars, killings and destruction) has benefited from the patronage system of Paul Martin for being a Senator in Canada!

Why Mr. Martin appointed this officer of wars and destruction as the Senator?

Paul Martin is a man, who avoided to accept any assitance to africans, who needed money in G-8!
Do you remeber how Mr. Bob Geldof and Bono attacked to Paul Martin?

The result is that Martin didn't want to help to africans and he didn't come back to Ottawa from the Morocco's holidays and its beach as he heared that over 200,000 people had been died in that Tsunami!

You expect this man of ignorance and fabrication and misconducts is appointing the general of wars and destruction for his love to africans?

Both of them, General Romeo Dallire and Paul Martin and their friends are the puppets of the giant corporations; they want to use their militaristic hands for suffocation of africans; they know how extensive are oils, gas, golds and other mineral resources in Africa, in the Middle East and in the South America.

From the strategical point of view, Afghanistan is the cross roads for hegemonial expansion of the militarism for overseeing of the oil, gas and other mineral resaources of the Middle-East, North Africa and Caucasus.

The generals are not in the Afghanistan for love and peace there; they have been landed in the most strategic country of the world, where they can controll all exports of oils.

From there, China, India, European countries, Japan and Russians will be under controll.

The dollars has its strong value because the oils of persian gulf's region are sold in dollars.

The oils must be sold in dollars but not in EURO! This is the command of the presence of militarism in the Afghanistan and in the Middle East.

By selling of oils in dollars, the Europeans, China, India and Japan need to pay their needs for oils in dollars.

And the presence of the soldiers in Afghanistan and in the Middle East means a support for the strong dollar.

Because over 85 percent of Canadians export is to USA, Canada is dependent to US's dollars; Canada must defend from any adventurism in the militrasitic's sense in the region.

The generals are not for love and peace there; they are for protection of the interests of the giant oil corporations and strong dollar.

Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous calls me silly because I say him why the generals are the puppets of the giant corporation.

People, who are victims of wars of the generals cannot be named silliy.

James Curran said...

Andy. What the Hell does this have to do with "Chantal on Ignatieff."

Man you are so far off topic it ain't even funny anymore. Star an anti-Dellaire blogsite somewhere will ya.

We are trying to choose a leader for our Party.

THe What Do I Know Grit

Anonymous said...

Acually, is saying F**k you, I was verbalizing PET's famous one-fingered symbol. SO plese don't compare me to "The Common Sense Revolution".

As for you semblence of pointing to the the likely biggest motivation for invading Iraq (Hussein's threat to swithch his oil index onto the EURO), you are probably right; but again you gorssly distort it with malitious accusations.

Look, I don't mean to use inflamatory language by caling you silly but, seriously now, you avoid the points and counterarguments brought up against you by continuing to throw your scued arguments. I do agree with you on some level, but you distort a lot of stuff. So, with that said, I'll keep an eye on your blog to see what you post, but this is really not the venue for you to flood with your arguments as you are currently presenting them.

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