Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ken Dryden "Working the crowd"

Well, well well.

Our Next Face candidate Ken Dryden "working the crowd" in Halifax. We like it. We like it.
And lookie here... Michael Ignatieff giving this thing "serious consideration"? Wow.
That makes us 2 for 2.

But wait. What's this? David McGuinty is considering it too? Is he daft? Does he know what his brother's reputation in Ontario could do to his chances? Surely he jests.

Potential Liberal leadership candidates test support at N.S. meeting
Last Updated Sat, 04 Mar 2006 18:35:26 EST
CBC News

An annual gathering of Nova Scotia Liberals has turned into an unofficial kickoff for the federal Liberal leadership race, with potential candidates such as Belinda Stronach, Scott Brison and Ken Dryden working the crowd.

The race is still unofficial, although the executive of the federal Liberal Party is expected to set a date for a leadership convention within weeks.

But a number of high-profile Liberals have already said they will not run, leaving no clear frontrunner at the provincial Liberals' annual strategy session in Halifax.

Among those testing the waters was Stronach, who ran unsuccessfully for the leadership of the federal Conservative Party two years ago and then crossed the floor to become a Liberal cabinet minister.

One of her former cabinet colleagues, Reg Alcock, said on the weekend that he was trying to pull together a "Team Belinda," but Stronach said she was still considering whether to enter the race.

"I'm here to meet people and deepen some of the friendships and relationships we have and share ideas how we can bring about a renewed and more open, more democratic Liberal Party," the Ontario MP said.

Brison, another failed Conservative leadership contender who also became a cabinet minister in Paul Martin's Liberal government, was also trying to gauge whether he has enough support to run for the party's top job.

The Nova Scotian MP wasn't shy about taking time from a question-and-answer session to test out what sounded like a line from a campaign speech.

"Canadians don't trust the NDP with their money and Canadians don't trust the Conservatives with their rights," Brison said.

Toronto lawyer is only declared candidate

The only declared candidate so far is Toronto lawyer Martha Hall Findlay.

She said she put her name forward early because she isn't as well known or well connected as some of her potential rivals.

"For me, there is an element of who is Martha Hall Findlay and it's been wonderful right from the beginning, the opportunity to actually explain that and who I am and what I hope to achieve."

Hall Findlay said she hopes the coming leadership race will be about more than who is the most popular and who can mount the biggest and most expensive campaign.

Dryden: 'Some day you just know, and before that you don't'
Name and face recognition will not be a problem for Ken Dryden, if the Montreal Canadiens hockey legend decides to run.

The Ontario MP said on Saturday that he hasn't made up his mind.

"Some day you just know, and before that you don't. This is a great opportunity, events like this, to listen to people."

Toronto-area MP Michael Ignatieff was at the meeting in Halifax. A newcomer to federal politics, he said he was in "big-time listening mode."

"I'm giving it serious consideration. ...But there are financial challenges, there are organizational challenges. ...There's questions of who will support you in caucus."

Liberal MP David McGuinty considers bid
Nova Scotia wasn't the only place buzzing about possible Liberal contenders on the weekend.

Liberal MP David McGuinty, brother of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, confirmed that he is considering a leadership bid.

Leadership speculation also arose over Gerard Kennedy, Ontario's education minister, who says he hasn't yet made a decision.

The executive of the federal Liberal Party is considered likely to schedule the leadership convention for November or for February 2007.


Matt said...

Speaking of working the Crowd. I understand that Michael Ignatieff was swarmed while in Halifax. That he stole the show and that many who were merely interested in the possibility of his leadership before are signing up to endorse him.

I understand that he was especially a hit with the Acadians, who said his french was flawless.

Furthermore, he showed real dedication and was doing what he could to meet and greet as many people as he could. Unlike Belinda who from what I heard took off shortly after getting there leaving Alcock to meet and greet on her behalf.

It is great to see a potential candidate for leadership capturing the crowd like that and really generating enthusiasm.

tobias said...

We agree. He seems to be building momentum. Still some issues to resolve yet, but building momentum nevertheless.

Jason Townsend said...

Dryden clearly had star-power, I saw a lot of people having their picture taken with him.

Pretty much all of the hopefuls were pressing the flesh, but it's correct that MI had a very successful time of it, at the main venue and elsewhere. As a supporter, it was cool to meet and say hi, hear him speak, and talk with other like-minded folks.

The media attention focused quite a bit on the leadership aspect of the meeting, which I think is good for the stature of the leadership race which is good for all of us in the long run.

JB said...

I heard that Senator Jim Cowan was introducing MIgnatieff around to key players in the party as well as strong grassroots workers the whole weekend.
Also, a few local MP's from Nova Scotia hold a number of private receptions for Michael; apparently they were packed.

Andy said...

To verbalize emotions and sending of wisdom and rationality to the long-term vacations, means propaganda for the men of wars and destructions. How pity it is, to see some humans are failing not only their own brains but also lacking of their own spinal cords.

As long as the pygmies of the politics of deception and lies, who are the toiletpapers- servants in the washroom of the giant corporations and have supporters in the political parties, Canada will suffer and suffer in the world stage.

The illitracy of some people, who are favouring the toiletpaperes-servicemen of the Political & Econmical Mafias and the giant corporations for their destinies and their countries, is the reason for wars and destructions.

Jason Townsend said...

Andy, no offence, but you aren't the only one who cares deeply about international violence and injustice, about the wellsprings of political power in our society and about the direction democracy and civic involvement take in the coming years.

You're just rephrasing a few sets of well-worn, sloganistic insults instead of making substantive comments about this subject.

Or, perhaps you're entirely right and I've been thoughtlessly coopted by the hegemonic corporate master-discourse. That way, you can just tuck me and my views into a neat little cognitive pidgeonhole in the narrative of "Canada the conspiratorial plutocracy" without having to endure the tiresome intermediate step of thinking, arguing and persuading.

JB said...


the biggest problem with your position is that it places just as much blame on you and those who share your belief as those perpetrating genocide. The problem with just standing around with no desire to intervene (likely because it makes you feel quezy inside) when people are being butchered is that it places just as much blood on your hands for letting it happen, as those who carried out the atrocities. If you are willing to stand by and refuse to prevent or stop a genocide, you are complicit in that genocide.

I do agree with you to a certain degree that multinationals hold a lot of responsibility for the problems in the world. But just as much of a cause for those is the unwillingness to courageously stand up and defend other human beings. Your proposition seems to advocate standing around, complicitly, as innocent peope are slaughtered rather than risk your life for the sake of a stranger.

So while you sit at your computer, safely and in a secure environment, make sure you remember it is because of courageous souls, like that of Dallaire, that you have the pleasure to sit there and SHIT on them. While he was out risking his life to save people while others were being killed around them (even going above and beyond his mandate, risking court martial with every such act), you (if you were old enough) sat there and complained because he is in your eyes a pawn of multinationals rather than the man who got screwed (along with 800000 Rwandans and subsequently nearly 3 million in the DRC)by the UN, the Security Council, and those who wanted to stand by and do nothing, much like yourself. So who has more blood on their hands?

So when you have the courage to stand up and defend strangers for the sake of humanity, rather than throw your hands up in outrage because the world is not a nice a place as you'd hoped, maybe your observations will be more applicable. And remember, the decision to stand by and do nothing, makes you just as guilty as those commiting the crimes; it's called complicity.

Andy said...

It's amazing when I see some people say we have good shit and bad shit. These people, we have good wars and bad wars.
These adjectives are not based on the conventional wisdom and rationality; they are based on the limit of thinking and willing for use of brain and spinal cord.

I can say these people, who are politically have been manipulated and disabled for drinking of water of culture, humanity and civilization, are defending the killings of thousands people in Africa, in Asia and in South America, because these wars are orchestrated from the western countries; any killings, which are authorized from the western countries can be named as the GOOD KILLINGS; KILLINGS FOR DEMOCRACY.

If these killings are caused indirectly by plots, plans, tricks, conspiracy of the western countries in accordance with geography, ethnicity and religion, but are orchestrated by their puppets, then these killings are not good; they are bad.

We see the generals, who are named as hero, champions in the western countries, are those generals, who have killed ( directly or indirectly) thousands or millions of innocent people in Africa, Asia or South America.

The young people in Canada, in Europe, USA, or Russia are believing that their soldiers have been sent for peace there; all Africans, Asians, and south AQmerican are uncivilized and only the western countries are civilized!

By brainwashing of the young people in Canada and in other western countries, they make statistics and say: majority of Canadians are for wars in Afganistan or elsewehre!

These giant oil corporations or other corporations are using the mitary forces of a country, which have been established by the money of taxpayers as their hidden hand for the interests of the big corporations.

The military forces are the hidden hand of the giant corporations.

These generals are directly or indirectly the slaves of these giant corporations.

Militarism means committing crims.
Militarism means destroying the cities and killig of thousands people.

Militarism means to be emptied from wisdom and ratopnality.

To be a general in the Army means having orders for being a potential aggressor to the lives of millions of innocent people.

The soldiers are the salves of the biodestructive policies.

How long do we need to teach these liberals in Canada: Wars meaning killing.
Wars meaning destroying.

The general for wars means the genearl dfor killing and destruction.

Where are the ministers of peace?
Where are the ministery of peace in Canada?

Why the minister of war (defence)?
Why the ministery of wars?

Am I wrong or those militaristic forces?

Do we know MARS ( Medical and Related Science) in Canada, College stereet, Toronto (partof U of T) is working with the Battele Memorial Institute for development of a kind of Anthrax? These Anthrax will not be traeted with any antabiotics?

The Biowarfare will be produced against the innocent people in Africa, Asia? And by your money?

The university of Toronto and NRC are finacing the development of the biological weapons in MaRS in Toronto by the Battelle Memorial Institute, which has the biggest contracts of the pentagon for producing of the biological weapons such as Anthrax and etc.

Are the generals in Canada aware of their missions to Africa or Asia?

Andy said...

The Battelle Memorial Institute is working for the office of the Homeland security and alsothe Pentagon; they are producing the new biological weapons, which are unbelievable destructive and are killing millions of people.

The MaRs (Medical and Related Science) in the College Street (College Street and near the General Hospital, is related to U. of T. and financed by NRC is cooperating with the Battelle Memorial Institute for developing a kind of Anthrx, which is resistant to any antibiotics.

The cooperation for development of the biological warfare and the weappons of death and mass killings by the money of taxpayers in Canada?

Where are those generals in Canada, who are calling themselves as the heros?

Why they are the hidden generals when people they need their voices?

Why thse generals instead of being with people for fighting againt the biological weapons, are eating chicken and drinking wines in Senates or the governmental offices?

Why the liberals are defending from these generals, who are fleeing from people and their rights?

When the people in Canada need these generals and their voices, then they are not with people;the prices of the small holes, where these generals are hiding thesemlves are incrasing; more than the prices of the houses in downtown of Toronto and Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

I see you will continue to avoid the questions asked of you. Are you a politician or something Andy?

Andy said...

The Canadian National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasurment (CBACC) have no threats from African, Asian and South American countries. Why Canada and Western countries are producing huge amounts of the biological threat agents? Canada and the authorities of the western countries are claimg, we are producing the biological threat agents for supporting of our national biodefense system?!!!!

The enhanecment of the biodefense system against the poorest poor people of Africans, whose oil, gold, cupper and other mineral resources have been plundered by the western countries?

To accopmlish these objectives of the militarism of the western countries, the corporate media in Canada (the media hand of the giant corporations) are writing about the achievements of the generals of the western countries in Africa.

These generals are the militaristic hand of the giant corporations.

The biodefense system of the western countries are producing the biological and microbial warfares against the africans, who dare to resist against the giant corporations.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy, where do you buy your clothes? Where do your clothes come from? Where do you buy your food? Where do you buy your petrol (if you drive a vehicle)? Where do your office\school supplies come from? Do you take public transportation and if so how are those vehicles fueled? Do you buy any name brand chocolate bars? Where do you shop in general?

I don't expect you to answer these questions; lets face it, you've demonstrated time and time again that you avoid answering questions. I'm sure in ansewring these, you find at least one that draws out your hipocracy. The point is maybe you should begin by examining your own ecological, consumer, and waste footsteps. I'm sure upon doing so you will tone down your hollier than thou attitude. That is if you honestly take the time to examine yourself.

JB said...

"war is at time an unfortunate necessity" Plato, The Laws

Andy said...

Hey Anonymous, I am not blaming you for your defense from these generals, who are carrying the stars on their shoulders.

I am not blaming you, why you defend the production of biological weapons in MaRs and Battelle Memorial Laboratories ( a joint venture and co-operation between the USA and the Canada).

The Anthrax with resistant to any antibiotics is that justice, that you are defending.

If you have studied research on the Rwanda and the genocides, how can you defend these generals and these politicians in the Liberal party, who are producing the microbial and biological weapons against the poorest people of Africa, whose population have been salughtered by the political trickery and deception.

Please look at you own studies and see where you defend these politicians, who are the toiletpapers-servicemen in the washrooms of the giant corporations.

You need to substatiate your argument with facts from the hearts and minds of africans, asians and the people of South America.

You are going to the libraries and you are collecting the lies of those writers, who are serving to the giant corporations.

When the doctors, scientists, engineers, artists and journalists of the immigrants are working as the slaves in the low level jobs in Canada, as the cab drivers, as the cheap labours, how can you defend from justice?

These liberals, who are the evils in the party, are sending the genetics treasures of the nations into the gradual deaths by depriving them from their rights in Canada, and you are talking about the justice in Canada?

Where are the justice and fairness in Canada, when many government jobs are not allowed to many ethnicities, who have another religions, races than the white Europeans' mainstream of Canada?

Your general od army, General Romeo Dallaire is the man of wars and killings, how can you defend the officer of wars and killing under the name of justice?

He calls himself a general of army, it means he is the officer for killings, the officer for destruction, the officer for genocides, the officer for ignoring of lives, the officer for lies, the officer for giant corporation, the officer for writing biographies, the officer for patronage apointee as the Senator.

How can you defend from the officers of wars and killings?

Where is your wisdom and consciousness, when you defend the generals of army, whose jobs are killings and destroying.

Are you in your rabbit's sleeping?

I know you have a wonderful heart for peace. You are a good person, but you need to know that the officers of the wars and killings have no missions for peace and love; they are for fighting and killings; they are for depriving of millions of chidren from their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.

These generals, who are producing the microbial and biologiocal warfares in the laboratories of Canada, are those liberals, who call their biodefense system, a peaceful system.

How can we accept the production of the Anthrax with the resistant to any antibiotics, is for the peaceful puprpsoes?

Are you kidding me and people with your argument?

Are you teaching me that I am silly and you are very intelligent?

If you call me silly with the non-substantiate argument, then please defend from those liberals, who are killing the millions of people in the Africa, in Asia and in the South America.

Please defend them in the name of enlightenment and liberalism.

Please defend expoloitation of scientists and intellectuals of immigrants in Canada as justice.

Please send the professors and engineers of other ethnicities, who are not anglophones and white Europeans to the low level jobs and as the cab drivers.

It is your justice.
It is your liberalism.

Please defend the biological weapons and the generals, who are killing people of Africa.

Andy said...

Please read the newpapers, please go to the communities in all cities in Canada and see, why thousands of professors, scientists, engineers, writers, artists and journalists, who do not belong to the hegemonial races of Canada (anglophone) are deprived from their jobs and are wrorking as the cab drivers, waiters, waitress, pizza workers, constructions and etc!

If the government of Canada has begun wars with the profesors, scientists and intellectuals of immigrants in Canada, how can people believe General Romeo Dallaire, who is the senior officer of wars, killings and destruction, has not committed to any wrongdoings in Africa or other places?

If these liberals have deprived many scientists and academic people from their dignities and their jobs in Canada, isn't it a war and killing of thousands of innocent professionals?

Where is this General Romeo Dallaire, when thousands of scientists have been humiliated in Canada, in very low level jobs with very strong discriminatory environments?

How much it costs, the small hole in the underground, where he is hiding himself when immigrants need his helps" Isn't he a Senator in Canada?

Isn't he the darling of the politicians in Canada? Why this officer of wars and killings is silent?

Is he always silent so? The political observers are emphasizing General Romeo Dallaire is not silent when he sees the huge money; these political observers are saying, when this general sees foods and fruits, not only he eats too much, but also he borrows other hands and feet for using this opportunity.

This general and other politicians, who call themslves accountable in the washrooms of the giant corporations, are very FOODOPHILES! They have the interests for foods.
They are also very MONEYPHILES; they sacrifice even their dearst relatives and friends for money and interests.

The wars of these generals and politicians have tow fronts; one is internal and one is external.

Because they are the puppets and the slaves of the giant corporations, they suggest using of the military forces as the militarsitic hand of the corporations for their external interest.

ar said...

God, this is utterly rediculous. Free speech is one thing, but what's the point of continuing a conversation with someone who can barely communicate, let alone have a reasoned debate based on fact? Its like trying to convince Ernst Zundel that the holocaust really happened, but with some bizzarre leftist twist.

Andy, you do hit a good point here and there - for instance, I agree that immigrant professionals need to be given proper and efficient chanels for continuing their (often much needed) professions here - but much of what you say is not based on any facts whatsoever.

Your continued attacks on Dallaire are particularly troublesome - aside from the considerable effort he made to try to better the situation in Rwanda, he has become an advocate for humanitarian aid and has sparked an important debate about the role of international intervention in domestic crises (hat tip to jb). I am very reluctant to use the term, but if ever there was a hero, he would be one.

Feel free to villify whoever you want to on your own blog, but leave this for people who want to have an engaged discussion about the future of a party you seem to know nothing about.

JB said...

Thank you AR.

Anonymous said...

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