Friday, March 24, 2006

Next Face Poll No. 2.

The results are in and so to celebrate our 10,000 hit, here they are...

The question :
If I could select 1 quality that I would want the Next Face of the Liberal party to possess, it would be that he or she :

11% - was intelligent
4 % - was dynamic
35% - had vision
17% - was a strong federalist
29% - intended to clean house within the Liberal party
2 % - was from western Canada
0 % - was from Quebec
1 % - was from Ontario
1 % - was from eastern Canada

Thank you to our loyal readers for your ongoing support.
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s.b. said...

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Please donate. It's easy. You can even use a friends credit card and then give them $10 if you don't have one or mail him a cheque. PayPal is a double blind system that is very secure. I checked.

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Will said...

Hey...if you want to see Ignatieff's speech today at University of Ottawa it is on the CTV website which is:

Sorry for the is too long of a link and I am not sure if it would fit otherwise.

The videos are on the right side and it is good b/c he covers many of those hot topics we want answers too. It was great.

ar said...

I thought his speach was rather interesting. He covered all of the hot issues eloquently, while not obfuscating issues overly much. It was interesting to see his interaction with reporters - I found it refreshing to see a politician not look like his teeth were being pulled while answering. Being a strong federalist, I found his stance welcome, and his concern for the environment quite progressive. Both would definately be points of difference with the conservatives. His interest in increasing Canada's active and positive international profile was also welcome. We have not been doing as much for international development in recent years as we could be.

Although he mentioned that Canada is committed to multilateralism, I wonder a bit how committed he would be himself. He seemed to mostly dance around any questions about the issue.

Was also nice to see him discuss the inclusion of Qu├ębec into the constitution. It seems to be the pink elephant/third rail of our federal system these days.

Overall quite impressed. It looks as though this will be a very interesting and productive leadership campaign, to say the least.

(cudos for the link!)

Ford Rules Dude in Oakville said...

I'm queasy with all this Ignatieff momentum. I think the long absence cut him assunder from the national fabric. We need to get to know him. After all, Mao and Nixon took long sabbaticals, followed by ruinous turns at power. Let's see Mikey in cabinet first - successful Libs are groomed that way. Ok maybe not John Turner or Paul Martin. Where's Keith Davey when we need him?

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