Friday, March 24, 2006

Sheila's Night.

My committment to an ORMRHL playoff game last night made it impossible for me to make it to the event. Jeff Jedras at
  • did a great job of blogging last night as he covered the event with an "almost live" stream of posts some of which are repeated below:

    18:30: We scrum with Ken Dryden, who was the most popular of the potential leadership candidates with the media tonight. He said some really good stuff about party unity and what not, and struck me as the most real and unpolitical of the candidates there.

    18:38: I spot star Liberal blogger Jason Chernaik talking with Dion and his crew, they profess to be regular readers of Chernaik on Politics. ...Nice to see the blog community praised for their efforts. We wonder if Dion knows that Next Face was one of the first blogs to consider him as a main-line candidate, and to this day he remains as one of only three that we consider worthy of mention along with Dryden and Ignatieff.

    18:43: Scrumming with Bob Rae, who says he's thinking about a run for the leadership. He doesn't touch questions about Liberal disunity with a 10-foot pole. So, you running Bob?

    "Obviously it's something I'm considering, and I've said that. I'm reflecting on it. Im not making any decisions overnight, but I really wanted to be here for Sheila. This is her night. It's not about be, it's about her." ...We just might see Rae become our 4th Next Face candidate...

    19:10: The woman of the hour takes the stage to strong applause and cheers, but not quite the thunderious, sustained ovation I would have expected. Her opening line that tonight she like to announce her "intention to....not seek the leadership of the Liberal Party" gets a good laugh though. I'll admit, I had my heart in my throat for a second. :)

    She makes a comparison to the Liberal Party of 1984, a time when the pundits counted the party as dead, down and out, and a determined group of people brought the party back from the ashes, comparing it to the situation of the Liberal Party of today...

    Way to go Sheila. We were the only blog in the country that offered you an opportunity to express yourself and post freely on our site. We are thrilled that you took us up on our offer and we congratulate you and salute you on what looked like a great evening in your honour.

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