Thursday, March 23, 2006

Party Tonight!

We could not be happier for Sheila Copps. It looks like her bash this evening will be very well attended and while we are not surprised that Tony Valeri will not make it, we are disappointed that former Prime Minister Paul Martin did not accept our offer to attend and put the infighting behind him once and for all. His attendance would have been the best thing for the Liberals as they set their new course. But alas it was not to be.

Nevertheless the event - which is projected to be such a hit that CPAC is going to broadcast it live - could be a turning point for Ms Copps, the party and perhaps the future Next Face candidates as they rally to support the embattled and former Deputy Prime Minister.

Read the whole story by
  • Daniel Nolan, Hamilton Spectator
  • a portion of which is copied below.

    "...The Toronto function at The King Edward Hotel is being billed as a kiss-and-make-up event for Copps, who now writes a column for the SunMedia chain. It's hoped it will help heal wounds left over from the Copps-Valeri battle, which pitted a supporter of Jean Chretien against a Martin backer. Copps, who ran against Martin for the party leadership, held the riding of Hamilton East for two decades.

    Organizer and MP Paul Zed said last night more than 600 people have now bought tickets, including potential leadership contenders Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff and Tony Ianno.

    Zed said the event has taken on such a life of its own that the political channel CPAC will broadcast it live.

    Zed believed a co-organizer had spoken to Valeri about attending the event, but he couldn't say what his response was. He said not having him and Paul Martin, who is away, in attendance may raise questions about the healing effort, but he said many former Martin cabinet ministers are coming.

    "This is not about where we've been, but where we are going as a party. Everybody has issues, but that's in the past."


    s.b. said...

    Nice post. There should have been more of them from others, but way to go!!!

    Vincent Riccio said...

    I must say that this gala is an excellent way to bring the party back together again. I would go as far to say that the divide between Martin and Chr├ętien groups most likely does still exist, so events such as these help to mend old wounds.

    It is time to relinquish our past battles and look towards a bright future with everyone helping out. There is no denying the amount of popularity Copps had considering she was the MP for some 20 years. As the party renews, so should the friendships and from this we can live to fight another day.

    tobias said...

    Amen Vinnie, and thanks s.b.

    There is strength in numbers but more strength in a unified party. While it may take a while, Zed is taking it in the right direction with this event.

    Out of defeat...substance.

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