Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Toronto Star Strikes Again.

Back on January 29 of this year we posted a Toronto Star photograph of a man relieving himself within a few meters of Ignatieff who was shaking hands with a constituent in the days leading up to the federal election.

Not so flattering we thought.

Well it looks like the Star is at it again. Based on Steve Russell's photograph on page 4 in today's paper, do you think the Toronto Star has made its point? I don't know that they could have come up with a less flattering picture of Michael Ignatieff on this the day after he announced his candidacy.

Fair and balanced journalism? We say not. What a ridiculous photograph. These editors seem hell bent on undermining this candidates credibility. It is precisely these types of editorial decisions that often end up forming the basis for the acrimonious relationship that exists between the Canadian media and our politicians.

Needless to say, we have had enough and we are canceling our subscription.


JB said...

I'll start off by saying that I live in Montreal but have read numerous articles in the Toronto Star. My impression is that it is more a daily tabloid than a serious newspaper (sort of like the equivalent to Le Journal de Montreal). If I recall correctly, the Toronto Star was forced to appologize for and revoke statesments made in an article stating that Ignatieff supports torture. Unfortunately, there are people who believe everything they read in newspapers (despite a serious lack of journalistic integrity).

Two thumbs down to journalists without integrity!!

Anonymous said...

Stop being so sensitive.

I was at the kick-off event. Michael made the two-thumbs-up gesture.

Could The Star have taken a more flattering picture? Yes. Is The Star being biased? No.

You'll see lots more of these types of photos. Michael has a tendency of making faces/grimaces that when captured in single frame, make him look less than appealing.

Luckily, he's a man of substance and people will care more about what he says than how he looks saying it.

Peter said...

He looks like John Kerry!

I knew he reminded me of someone... that picture just made me realize.

s.b. said...

You're funny. You don't even include Kennedy in your odds in your last post and today the Star is biased against IGGY because they have a picture of him smiling??? I'm not an IGGY suporter, but why is the image unflattering. He's smiling. HE's psyched with two thumbs up. He's older than his press release photos that are also probably air brushed. Get used to it. Journalism isn't posed photographs by portrait artists. IGGY's old.

Cetainly less biased than not even mentioning Kennedy in your odds. Lik I said,you're funny.

tobias said...


Over 1/2 million people woke up this morning and opened their Saturday Star and were introduced to a goofy looking candidate with a goofy sounding name. They were not among the priviledged to have been at the "kick-off event", and many of them could not pick Ignatieff out of a line up with Danny Williams and Silvio Berlusconi.

This is not about being sensitive. It is about responsible journalism.

And yes Peter he looks remarkably like John Kerry. I said the same thing when I saw it. Wait...I feel another post coming on...John Kerry and Michael Ignatieff - are they one in the same people?

tobias said...


We posted our position on Kennedy for all to see. It is pretty clear where we have stood on candidates like him and Stronach and others.

We are not hiding an editorial position behind the veneer of an unflattering photograph.

As for being funny. Thank you. If you haven't noticed, we do not take ourselves very seriously. Way too many blogs do and we find that rather boring.

MississaugaPeter said...

Next Face,

You don't like the picture, you cancel your subscription. That's your right.

Someone doesn't like the fact that you don't consider the candidate who will be Liberal leader in 2007, they stop reading your blog. That's their right.

Note: there are far worse pictures out there of MI. Pictures/videos from Frank and Canada Free Press are two that I would be more concerned about (than those by The Star).

Anonymous said...

I think he looks very nice...he throws kisses and smiles all the time...I am very impressed...he does look like the 'Prince of Darkness' in that old movie but that is his heritage and that is why, as he explained... he is in this keep Quebec....where his ancestors were laid to rest Canada.....

tobias said...


Thank you for informing us of our rights as they relate to OUR blog. We appreciate you clearing that up for us as we were unsure how to cconduct ourselves within the confines of OUR blog.

tobias said...


We like the fact that not mentioning Kennedy in our 'current odds' post got your attention. That was the point of the exercise.

Let us know when you have figured out once and for all if he has actually has a university degree (a discussion which kinda speaks for itself don't ya think?...) and we will re-consider him then.

MississaugaPeter said...


Anytime I can be of assistance I will try my best. I'm glad you agree with me (at least on this point). I hope your readers also agree.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture. When did John Kerry get his Canadian Citizenship?

cc o madagain said...

in light of the huge reaction to Ignatieff (where are the blogs about other candidates? I don't even know who else is running), it looks to me like those who knock him are a little scared of how good he clearly is;

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