Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two Election Strategy.

It is obvious the way Harper has been coached thus far that this is already a slick and well oiled (albeit fledgling) government.

One cannot help but be impressed with the strategy in delivering the throne speech where he placed the military and representatives of the Chinese community in the house to symbolize and offer support and forgiveness respectively and establish early that bond with the military and minority vote.

This is a very capable machine that Mr. Mulroney and staff have helped to assemble. They seem well focused on their '5 promises' and will remain diligent and focused on a simple well communicated plan. Garth Turner and the pending free vote on gay marriage notwithstanding, it also seems that Harper will hold a tight leash on his government, shielding them from the media's scrutiny where possible.

Making good on the 5 promises will present well to the Canadian public. So well that it is likely that this party will not only prosper through this term but likely call an election 3 year in and ask for a mandate to govern for 4 more on a platform that will likely see an additional reduction to the GST and more focused and good accountable government.

If this thesis is correct, then the Liberals will likely require a leader that can usher them through a two election strategy. A patient long distance runner who needs to keep equal focus on the task at hand, avoid peaking too early and be seen as experienced and competent when the position finally becomes available. As such, the age of the Next Face of the Liberal government could be a factor.

This next Liberal leader may not be Prime Minister for another 7 to 8 years. Any thoughts of a quick rise to power by a less patient and overly ambitious leader (read Ignatieff or Rae?) may prove to be disastrous. Whatever future lies ahead for the leadership of the party and whatever platform is developed over the next 12 to 24 months, it is best to prepare for a longer haul so as not to mistake this potential marathon for a 100 metre sprint.


Prairie Kid said...

I noticed you used a lot of references to marathons. I don't know if you've ever run one but I've run 15 so far and I can tell you that you do not succeed in a marathon until you've run a few. Expecting the new leader to do well in his or her first distance race is asking too much. No matter what machinery is behind you, there is nothing like experience. You might luck out once in a while but for true success you need to know what a marathon or two feels like.

lizg said...

Mulroney did not have to wait, and no experience.......

decoin said...

Excellent post Next Face - my overwhelming concern is that Canadians have been fooled by the slick tricks of the CPC and they have forgotten the role of the Liberal Party of Canada as the Natural Governing Party that was created to govern Canada. Our road to power - so easilt attained for most of our history - is now far more difficult. When will we resume our position of power?

Anonymous said...

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