Monday, May 29, 2006

Current Odds.

Michael Ignatieff: 4 : 1
Bob Rae
: 5 : 1
Ken Dryden
: 7 : 1
Stephane Dion: 9 : 1

Current Odds reflect :
1. Some positive movement in the Dryden camp.
2. Strong Ignatieff organization and support among federal MP's.
3. The multiple ballot scenario proposed earlier this week on Next Face.

Interesting story
  • here
  • by KAREN HOWLETT AND CAMPBELL CLARK today in the National Post on the issues of early support and the power of Federal MP support.


    Brant Liberal said...

    Howlett and Clark write for the Post or the Globe.

    Anonymous said...

    another Brant LIBERAL says....I hope others will take a look at Ken Dryden....He talks rite at you and is so dont have to say a lot of bull and talk a lot to be a great prime minister...he looks and acts the part....Good Luck Ken Dryden

    Pedro said...

    Go Iggy!

    Hey, did you decide on the car?

    Stuart Robertson said...

    I had a chance to talk with Bob Rae this morning, and thought he had some very good things to say about Government, Education, Healthcare and technology.

    Nice to see he's a strong contender for leading the party.

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry, but Kennedy is a strong second right now. You should update your odds.

    tobias said...

    tobias said...
    Pedro - thanks for asking about the Miata.

    We are close. We have shortlisted 3 beauties.
    They are scattered throughout Ontario and we are going on road trips as we speak...

    For us, the chase is better than the catch - and we are enjoying the search!

    Josh said...

    Kennedy behind Rae and Dryden? I say you need to rework your odds.

    Anonymous said...

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    Anonymous said...

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