Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mazda Miata - Yes or No?

I need the help of my readership. Please vote yes or no to the question : Should I buy a 12 year old Mazda Miata, with low kilometers and in excellent condition?

I don't need the car. But I want it. It will inject some energy in my otherwise tedious commute to work.
It will prolong or - in the very least - enhance the short Canadian summer experience.

...and yes it is indicative of a midlife crises.
...and no, it is not because Sheila Copps had a
red convertible.

I will base my decision (in part) on the results of the poll.
Thanks in advance for your help.



alex said...

Get the car already!

Robert said...

As long as it doesn't over-extend your finances, then I'd say get it. You'll enjoy it, at least at first, and then if you later decide it wasn't necessary you can always sell it.

Carrie said...

I agree with Alex. You want it so do it.

Anonymous said...

life is short.

SilverWinger said...

Run, don't walk, and get the car. You will appreciate it on a hot sunny day or even a cool day cruising with the top down.

Loony in LotusLand said...

Arnone I owned that same 25th anniversary model for three years. Fun car to drive, rear wheel drive, trunk holds two sets of golf clubs, burgundy leather interior is like butter, and the stereo in the head rests and woofer on your back is wonderful. I miss my Miata. Go for it!

Pedro said...

Don't do it! Well, if you are a girl, than yes; if not, then don't.

I'm all for gender equality - in fact, I'm a chick - but there's nothing sexy about a guy in a miata (no offence).

But, if it makes you happy, then do it. At the end of the day, that's what matters. Especially if you already got yourself a girl ;)

Pedro said...

P.S. Did you rig the poll? I've tried twice to say "no" and it won't work! Hahahaha!

Best of luck.

CfSR said...

Do it.

And Sheila's is (was? does she still have it?) blue.

tobias said...


Check out out previous post - Jan 22, 2006.
Sheila drove away from Parliament Hill after her final press conference in a " convertible..."

imspartacus said...

It's almost unanimous. I've wanted one of those cars ever since they came out. Married and with kid now, so there's no room (and its not practical I keep telling myself)... Between a miata and a suzuki sidekick (4cyl - i had one and it was just amazing and respectable on gas), those would be my choices.
Enjoy it!

Ford Rules Dude in Oakville said...

It's only money, right? Go ahead and make your move...the kids can walk. As for the looner-in-lotusland's he/she must have meant 2 golf balls, not bags. I know, I have a '94 and that's one tiny cavity. Just think, you would get preferential parking at Oakville Assembly Complex as Mazda is part of the Ford family.

Anonymous said...

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