Friday, June 23, 2006

A Challenge to the Ken Dryden Camp.

On the heels of our question and answer opportunity with Mr. Dion who so graciously gave his time to answer questions from a few select "non-committed" bloggers, we would like to offer up a challenge :

We would like to ask 4 questions of each of the remaining 3 candidates considered by Next Face to be at the forefront for this leadership race, Mr. Dryden, Mr. Ignatieff, and Mr. Rae.

We would like to start by calling on Mr. Dryden and his staff to take up the challenge and arranging for a 20 minute phone call with Next Face. We will record the conversation and post it on our blog for all to digest. The outcome of the calls could have a bearing on our ranking and ultimately on the fact that we remain non-committed heading into the summer.

Contact us at :

We look forward to a response from the Dryden camp and will post a status report as we hear back from them.