Thursday, June 22, 2006

Current Odds.

Bob Rae: 4 : 1
Ken Dryden: 5 : 1
Michael Ignatieff: 5 : 1
Stephane Dion: 6 : 1

Current Odds reflect :
1. Some more positive movement in the Dryden camp. (Dryden actually has some partisan Liblogers rethinking their positions and thinking that maybe Next Face was right all along...)
2. The multiple ballot scenario proposed earlier last month on Next Face.
3. Dion's terrific performance in conversation with Next Face.
4. Rae's experience which may carry the day should an "anyone but Rae" campaign NOT develop.


s.b. said...

Yeah I say Dryden. Everyone likes him. No baggage. He has done greatin the debates, even better in KW this last tuesday. WOW and has that name recognition going for him in a general election. Is that an endorsement next face?

MississaugaPeter said...

I guess the fact that Gerard has the second most number of MPs supporting him (after Ignatieff and more than Rae, Dryden, Dion combined) still makes no difference.

I guess the fact that over a third of the Ontario Liberal MPPs have come out in support of Gerard (even though the premier has suggested that they keep their eye on the 2007 provincial election; more than all the other 10 candidates combined) still makes no difference.

I guess the fact that according to Cereberus' blogger endorsement page Gerard is tied with Dion for second (with double the support of Dryden and Rae combined) still makes no difference.

I am sure that you thought your April 2 blog would assist in Gerard fading away. He was in the top 4 on April 2 and remains in the top 4 almost 3 months later (and he will be in the top 4 in December).

Vincent Riccio said...

I agree with MPeter.

tobias said...

MPeter, VRiccio. Get over it guys.

We don't HOPE for anything. We are merely calling it as we see it; as we have seen it all along.

Give us some credit for espousing the virtues of Ken Dryden In January when everyone laughed at us.

As for Kennedy, good luck to him! We do not think he has what it takes to fulfill the intent of our Manifesto.

"...The next leader of the Liberal party must be the best among us...."

Don't make us post it again.

Anonymous said...

I am for Dryden...rite from the first time I heard him speak....I made up my mind NO more unkind remarks about other candidates...but on last nights'michael coren show(what an asshole) Martha made me sick to my stomach....she did not know anything about the libs last budget and she kept saying...yes we have a lot of ....and nunziata was falling all over her...I had Dryden 1st...Iggy 2nd and know-nothing martha 3rd..I am dropping her like a stone and putting Bevil......3rd....I like dion but no chance this time.

Anonymous said...

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