Friday, June 02, 2006

The Dion Conference Call.

I have had a chance to reflect over our conference call with Mr. Dion yesterday. It was an alarmingly candid performance from a seasoned politician. Mr. Dion stressed his experience over the other 10 candidates and it is hard to argue with him. He certainly has a good track record and a polished political sense. He is formally trained in politics and it comes through. What may not be clear to the undecided is the mans commitment and passion which after an hour on the phone became pretty obvious. This is a compassionate politician who is personable but predictable at the same time. Predictable insomuch as his response to the tough questions where to defend the parties recent past - since he was after all an integral part of it.

This might be what ends up defining the leadership debate as I am sure that Ignatieff and Rae will not be so kind to the parties past and may want to take a more "rebuilding message" approach to the campaign. Dryden, who is not as deeply entrenched in the parties past and who can use the Tory dismantling of his daycare initiative as fodder for his bid, may be more inclined to stand above the performance of his parties past and - unlike Dion - may not be so determined to defend it.

Having said this, all in all I was very impressed with Mr. Dion on several levels. First, the fact that he took the time and that his team is organized enough to make the call happen was impressive. Second, the fact Rob Edger, Dion's E-communications co-chair was able to determine which blogs where not committed to a candidates and group them together was an interesting strategy. Third, the fact that Mr. Dion even has an E-communications co-chair is brilliant. Fourth, Mr. Dion stated that he alone would be strong enough to take on Harper and Duceppe in a debate and win. After hearing him rather effortlessly switch between English and French, and rather passionately discuss his position on issues, I would - at this stage - tend to agree. Fifth, the man seems more approachable than I had imagined, not nearly as guarded as I would have thought. Open, fluid and intelligent enough to field questions off the cuff and without preparation.

On the whole - Mr. Dion's performance was excellent.


Anonymous said...

But, will you be making an endorsement?

Is he worthy of your support - or is it more of a pat on the head?

Ford Rules Dude in Oakville said...

A Next Face endorsement will influence my choice, so it behooves you to provide the same depth of coverage for all key candidates as afforded Mssrs Dion, Dryden etc. Thanks much.

Anonymous said...

This Volpe Stuff sure makes me look at 'Mr. Clean' Dion a lot more friendly.

Maybe that's what we need right now - just an ethical, honest big L Liberal who can bring everyone together.

Craig said...

And Dion is not too timid to take on a few destructive Sacred Cows - I just read that he is proposing 6 year terms for Senators - that is even less time than the 8 year terms Harper has proposed.

Good stuff.

tobias said...

1st anon.
Next Face is not about making endorsements. (although by default we already have by putting forward the names of the 4 'real' candidates)

Next Face is about the strategy, the fight, the introspection and questioning that most are afraid to confront. We are also about our Manifesto, which we feel is the single most important document in the Liberal blog world, and until such time as a potential leader rallies around it and claims it as their own, we are left with little to do but to observe and comment...

2nd anon.
You make a good point. We made the same point about Dryden who could become the 'refuge' and the 'safe harbour' in a multiple ballot convention strategy.

Dion could be that same safe harbour for perhaps the broader spectrum of delegates who are not intimidated by the idea of yet another Quebec born leader.

Anonymous said...

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