Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stéphane Dion Takes The Time.

Taking the time to speak with a handful of undecided and non-committed bloggers today, Mr. Dion and his staff offered up an hour of their time to field questions over the phone. Next Face was please to be invited and honoured to have the opportunity to speak to one of only four candidates that we feel has a legitimate chance to become the next Liberal leader.

The questions from the bloggers (who included Liberal Country and View From the Left) covered health care, immigration, our role in Afghanistan, separation and Kyoto. Over the next few days we will post the sound files for each question that Next Face asked (There were 4 in total and they were good ones).

In the meatime we will post Mr. Dion's Introduction later once we are able to improve the sound quality.

In the clip, Mr. Dion praises the blogging community as the " door to door members of the party...", and goes on to discuss his credentials and his experience in an attempt to win over our support.


Anonymous said...

While this sound quality makes it near impossible to ascertain much - I did read every bloggers posts on this call.

Very impressive performance. This guy has a plan, and determination, and you can really feel that his years of experience are driving his plans.

I'm impressed.

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