Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Story Behind the Story.

Last night we emailed Warren Kinsella and asked him " If there was one question you would ask Ken Dryden at this stage of the Liberal Leadership race, what would it be ? "

Mr. Kinsella responded to our email request last night and we posed his question to Mr. Dryden today during our interview with the leadership candidate.

This for us - a non committed unaffected and independent blog - is really the story behind the story.

We can only speculate, but we like to think that Mr. Kinsella participated for one of the following reasons :
a. He reads Next Face and likes it.
b. He needed an 'in' to get to Mr. Dryden.
c. He is looking to reconnect with the average man, someone who is not a
delegate or an 'affected' Liberal party member.
d. He likes our British Racing Green '94 Miata with the new canvas top and
chrome roll bars.
e. He is considering adding us to his blog roll and is initiating foreplay.
f. All of the above.


Warren K. said...

I select "d."

"e" is also a possible answer.


Arnone & Co. said...

We are humbled by your presence....

First Sheila writes for us, then we interview Dion and Dryden, now Mr. Kinsella posts a comment.

Lord have mercy.
What have we done to deserve all this?

W, you have a standing offer to ride shotgun in our new Miata, anytime, and if you add us to your blog roll, we'll let you borrow it for a weekend.

syferium said...

great story!

Lord have mercy.
What have we done to deserve all this?)))


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