Monday, August 14, 2006

Rae On The Move!

Bevilacqua the king maker? Were we right in our Post of May 22, 2006?
Ok, so we thought it would go down at the convention and not in August, but were we far off?

By our count, given Rae's 'leftist' roots and Bevilacqua's 'rightist' position, Maurizio's decision to endorse Rae nicely swings Rae back towards the centre which is where we think one needs to be to pull in the two sides on this leadership debate.

The Volpe contribution fiasco notwithstanding, this is the most explosive bit of news to hit this race so far.

Those playing along at home might want to refer to the Dryden interview where Next Face made mention of this very thing when posing the question of strategy to the candidate. We have felt all along that the interaction among the candidates and the posturing for support among them was as important as the race itself.

They can't all win this thing and they would do well by taking heed of this advice. Get the word out. Merge, align and strengthen. Leave the strongest three or four standing and head into the convention with the best among us firmly positioned to raise the bar in this debate.

Well done Mr. Bevilacqua! This is a great move on your part. The race (and indeed the party) is stronger as a result of your decision.

No point in revising our current odds.
Mr. Rae was posted at 4:1 yesterday (in what could only be seen as remarkable intuition on our part) and remains the frontrunner.


AP said...

The real word that does justice to Next Face's odds from yesterday is "prescient"!!

Anonymous said...

This can't be a surprise. The people around Rae (i.e Power Corp) have got money to burn and MB raised about three bucks in the last quarter. Do the math.

s.b. said...

Bevilacqua's support has to do with $ and nothing more. It will translate into very few delegates since Bevilacqua's only support was in Ontario which is a wasteland for Rae Day's Bob.