Monday, August 14, 2006

Next Face Disappointed.

In spite of the pressure to endorse a candidate since its inception in late January of this year, Next Face remains undecided. We have taken a significant amount of time off this summer. To say we did so as a respite from the Liberal leadership race would be a lie. But it has been a terrific time for us to step back and assess things as they stand with 3 1/2 months to go in the race.

However...with respect to recent foreign policy we can no longer remain silent. We can no loger sit back and accept this void where once stood the likes of Pearson and Trudeau. That is to say that while we expected that the Harper government would cower in the face of the obvious injustice that has seen a family of 8 Canadian citizens slaughtered in their home and a UN outpost bombed resulting in another Canadian casualty, what we were not prepared for was the lack of vigorous opposition-style-prose and Pearson-esq vision from the short list of viable Next Face candidates; Dion, Dryden, Ignatieff and Rae.

To say we are disappointed would be an understatement.

We think it might be time to resume our campaign to interview the two remaining candidates and ask the tough questions on foreign policy. It is from those questions on foreign policy that a real leader could emerge.

Either that, or we continue to fall prostrate to this remarkably amemic leader who is steering the good ship Canada in a direction unseen for many many decades; a direction so unCanadian that we remain astonished to think that we have come to a point in our history where we think that our role is to ignore the plight of our citizens abroad.

With respect to the larger issue in the Middle East, both sides are right. Both sides are wrong. We have heard the arguments. We do not pretend to have it all figured out. We will leave that debate to other bloggers with much more energy and knowledge. One thing is for certain though, someone needs to tell the Emperor that he is in fact not wearing any clothes.

Canada's response to this issue has been a monumental misfire.

It has set our image back decades. We are no longer a just society who protects and looks to prop up other peoples who seek the same social justice. We have neither defended, protected, supported or sought justice.

To that end, look to Next Face to put those demands in the form of questions to the leadership hopefuls over the coming days.


knb said...


s.b. said...

AS far as these eight Canadians slaughtered in their home. The man was 38 years old, the "wife" 23 with four children, 8, 6, and two younger. Now you do the Math. That means this young girl of 14 was forced to marry a 30 year old, "Canadian" and produce babies for him rahter than go to school or be a teenager.

I'm sorry I have problems with a 30 year old marrying a 14 year old. My Canada includes teenaged girls who are allowed to stay in school and not be forced to marry men twice their age. This family was also active supporters of Hezbollah. So how "Canadian" they ar is really debateable. Like I said, "Canadian" for me is 14 year old girls in school not producing babies for rapists and being domestic slaves for men in their thirties.

knb said...

Well then, I guess we know one Liberal that doesn't value all life equally...that's the Canada I know.

tobias said...

Thanks SB for your comment.

With your permission we would like to call on you in the future to help us. When there is a Canadian in distress somewhere in the world, maybe you could consult us as to whether or not they are worthy of protection and care based on your set of values.

Absolutely astonishing...

Alex said...

Perhaps the Canadian Charter of Rights should be ammended into 2 parts - those who are worthy Canadians and those who don't fit into "your Canada".
Grow up! Do you really think these types of marriages don't happen in "your Canada"? Do you think all 14 year old Canadian girls are living your reality.
Your response was shameful.

AP said...

SB. Your vile comment would really find favour in the backrooms of the old Reform party and I'm sure in some quarters of the Conservative party. Come to think of it why are you in the Liberal party to begin with? Why don't you follow Heather Reisman and Gerry Scwartz and join the Conservatives.

Let's see, in the past two weeks you have called the current Liberal leader Bill Graham anti-semetic and today you decide who is and isn't a Canadian. The sad truth SB is that your comments are fertilizer to those Canadians who think that because of your name, religion and ancestry YOU are not a real Canadian. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Surely S.B.'s comment was intended as a joke.
Please tell me it was a joke.


Ford Rules Dude in Oakville said...

Get some counselling SB. Innocents are being slaughtered and that's all that matters. My Canada includes speaking out when an injustice is done to our citizens or those of other countries. Military murders of unarmed Canadian men, women and children is not cool under any and all circumstances.