Friday, September 22, 2006

Ken Dryden In Maclean's.

We read Ken Dryden's story in the September 25, 2006 edition of Maclean's while on a Via One train back from Montreal this week. We thought he did an excellent job with the article entitled : Quebec and Canada, Our Common Story.

My favorite lines :
1. "...Countries become what they think they are."

2. "...All of us are struggling with how to make a bordless world work. Canada has moved down this path more successfully than anyone."

3. "...Is Quebec a "nation"? To me this isn't about legal definition...Just so long as the official "definers" don't make you think you can't be part of Canada as well. You are. Because just as Canada has been shaped by Quebec, so has Quebec been shaped by Canada."

4. "...We have shaped each other sometimes in spite of each other. Together we have created something unique."

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Concerned YL said...

Say what you want about Dryden's french, but it will surely get better. After all, the guy is smarter than Iggy.

Let there be no doubt that Dryden knows and understand Quebec and Canada and its people. That, my friends, is not something every candidate in this race possesses.