Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sheila Copps Gets It.

Outstanding perspective today in the Toronto Sun courtesy of Sheila Copps. (Loyal readers will know that we have never hidden our love for Sheila who wrote exclusively for Next Face earlier this year).

Sheila's column is aimed at Ignatieff and the 'C' word. Her perspective as the former Deputy Prime Minister with years of Cabinet experience is very interesting to say the least.

Frankly we are amazed that Ignatieff's 'Nation' comment has not garnered more media attention. Sheila on the otherhand clearly gets it. Here is a portion of Sheila's column :

Sheila Copps, The Toronto Sun. Wednesday, September 13, 2006
‘C’ Word Rears Its Ugly Head
...Ignatieff may have just sealed his own political fate. Constitutionalists join think tanks; populists win conventions.

Let’s ignore for a moment that “nation” has different meanings in French and English. When was the last time a Quebec City cab driver bemoaned his province’s status as a non-nation? How often does the constitution (or lack thereof) actually register on the radar screen in Rimouski or Riviere du Loup?

The inclusion of a constitutional nation within Canada is the work of a political theorist with little sense of Liberal history and less understanding of the country. Leadership candidate Stephane Dion, who has never had a problem with the concept of Quebec as a nation (in the French meaning of the word) wisely recommended against a constitutional amendment. So did Bob Rae, whose rise to the top job in Ontario was partially prompted by a Meech backlash.

Ignatieff’s decision to plow right into a constitutional furrow indicates one of two things. His campaign is flagging and needs a good controversy to fire it up. Or his professorial theories override good sense.

Either way, his handlers should help him with some historical perspective. Constitutional debates leave Tories smiling.


Anonymous said...

sheila never sounded so smart. good for her.

Anonymous said...

Ah, she's been in constant attack Ignatieff mode and quite frankly is still bitter. I take her views with a grain of salt especially taking into consideration her tenure with Chretien.

There are opposite views of some that are equally if not more in tune with the issue.

It's just her viewpoing and it doesn't necessarily make her right.