Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Challenge to the Michael Ignatieff Camp. Second Notice.

Has Next Face been snubbed? If we have, we are in good company considering Rae and Dion and Kennedy were also snubbed in the last debate. We would like to give Mr. Ignatieff the benefit of the doubt and repost the request below originally posted on September 27, 2006.

On the heels of our highly successful interviews with Mr. Rae, Mr. Dryden and Mr. Dion who generously gave their time to answer our questions, we are putting out a similar challenge to the good people who are assisting in the Ignatieff campaign.

We would like to call on Mr. Ignatieff and his staff to accept our request and arrange for a 30 minute phone call between the candidate and Next Face. We will record the conversation and post it on our blog for all to digest. We offer complete disclosure with complete transcripts of the interview. (No spin and no sound bites at Next Face!)

The outcome of the interview could have a bearing on our ranking and ultimately on the fact that we still remain non-committed heading into the final 2 months. After similar interviews with Mr. Rae, Mr. Dryden and Mr. Dion, the feedback from all three organizations was very positive and the response from the blogging community was tremendous.

Contact us at :

We look forward to a response from the Ignatieff camp and will post a status report as we hear back from them.


Anonymous said...

No response yet?

Anonymous said...

Kinda leaving it to the last minute with Super Weekend coming up aren't you? Perhaps deliberate?

The frontrunners are all very busy doing intereviews, etc. so this is a little unfair don't you think? Or do you care?

tobias said...

The timing was poor and not intentional.

Just like with Rae, we will give it another week, and re-state the offer. We am sure that MI will want to have his unedited hour with Next Face.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it - Ignatieff doesn't like the "little people."

Anonymous said...

Man, you can't just demand someone's attention.

This is highly unprofessional. By doing this you're just encouraging him to say no.

It's your own fault. These invitations are generally private, and you're a bit selfish in promoting his lack of response to bring his character down.


James Bowie said...

It's like asking someone on a date. If you ask in a rude way, they'll say 'no.' Or maybe they won't call you back, or they'll just make fun of you to their friends.

You know how it goes.

Plus, you make this sound like a strictly Ignatieff issue. Where are your other 7 interviews please?

Anonymous said...

Considering you're just a shill for Rae, why should Ignatieff accept your offer?

Anonymous said...

You have serious delusions of grandeur if you're offended that Ignatieff has not accepted your offer to provide him with a "full hour" of unedited time.

I mean, doing an interview with Calgary Grit is one thing, given that CG has the most readership of any Liberal blogger, but who the heck is Next Face?

Anonymous said...

Easy Bowie, this guy might have trouble getting a date.

tobias said...

People getting testy, eh?
Downright nasty!

We play no favorites at Next Face. We wrote the exact same post, requesting interviews in the exact same manner with Rae, Dryden and Dion. In all three cases we received emails within days. Their was no courtship. No flowers or sweet talk. Each candidate where quite keen to offer up their time.

Mr. Bowie, are you suggesting we change our method for Mr. Ignatieff? Maybe some flowers with the invitation? No way baby. Sorry. Not here.

The record is clear. Read our posts and see for yourself. We offered Mr. Ignatieff the exact same opportunity in the same way it was offered to the other three gentlemen.

"Asking in a rude way.." indeed...I think you guys are feeling the heat.

And as far as Mr. Faceless Anonymous goes - the guy who accused us as being a "shill for Rae". I consider that the highest compliment considering we have been called a shill for Dion and a shill for Dryden. That comment - my faceless friend - just solidified our position as the most objective blog on Liblogs.

Thanks for coming out.

gritredordead said...

I am a regular reader of Next Face and frankly I am offended by some of the comments in this thread. Bowie has already decalrd for Iggy and his comments are a desperate plea of someone whose ship is going down. This guy needs to get a life. What does he want to do have Next Face DATE Iggy. Is this guy for real?

I have enjoyed the NEXT FACE interviews with Dryden, Rae and Dion. In particular the one with Dryden. All in all the interviews have been objective with no obvious bias and they do read differently than other interviews because of the questions asked and the not-taking-yourself-to seriously attitude.

If Iggy does not respond it is his loss. Based on the desperation out there, maybe he should.

Alex said...

Hey Anonymous,
Who is Next Face? Who is Ignatieff?
He's just a guy. Until that moment where he is crowned Liberal leader he's just a guy running.
I think saying Next Face has "delusions of grandeur" are a ridiculous don't you think.
It's just an interview man.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself Next Face. Your ego is ridiculous.

gritredordead said...

Isn't one's ego the whole point of a blog?