Monday, October 02, 2006

Super Weekend. The Real Story. Part One

The first real story behind the weekend delegate round up was how few delegates Ken Dryden managed to win over in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.

In all three provinces, Joe Volpe - who has run one of the most unfortunate campaigns in recent Canadian history; dogged by negative media attention at every turn and even fined by his own party 24 hours before the delegates were to begin voting - beat Ken Dryden and by a convincing margin.

In total in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, Volpe 'out-delegated' Dryden by a margin of 104 to 36.

Absolutely remarkable.

The french language issue notwithstanding, Ken Dryden may go down as one of the better Liberal leadership candidates who was passed over in favour of other more media savvy and - some may say - better managed challengers.

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