Friday, December 01, 2006

Ken Dryden.
Ken opens to a huge ovation and tries to make up to Montreal for the "Nation" vote by starting in French and reminding them that they said 'no' to the influences of America and the English language. Ken speaks to several coast to coast experiences along the way from Signal Hill to Inverness to Kelowna. The theme is "unbelievable". Quebec fought the fight against influences for "...all of us." Us together.
Ken speaks French for about 20% of the speech and does a great job with it. We are a good country. We are about inclusion, about a real chance. Is Mr. Harper worthy of this Canada? Not even close, Ken says. An echo of the US is how the Conservatives see Canada. Pinched, ungenerous and divisive. This is a country, not an ideology. 10 Provinces, 10 Childcare agreements.

Another place another time and Ken Dryden would have made for a terrific Prime Minister. Too bad really.

Stephane Dion.
Dion is introduced with the Foo Fighters, Times Like These. "It's times like these you learn to love again, its times like these you live and live again..." Awesome song selection. Looks like Dion is trying really hard for a Next Face endorsement! Glen Pearson introduces Dion and speaks strong to the environment and the 2nd place finish of the Green Party in London, Ontario. Excellent introduction. By far the best yet.

11 years ago, Jean Chretien invited me to deliver and I delivered to my prime minister. 2 years ago Paul Martin invited me to deliver and again, I delivered to my prime minister and to my country. The direction Stephen Harper is taking Canada in is wrong. It is not helping the Canadian people.

"...There is more culture in a bowl of yogurt than in this Conservative government." This my friends, is the line of the night so far.

Repeats his Three Pillar Approach strategy. Canada with 33 million people consumes as much energy as the continent of Africa with 800 million people. We need to be part of the solution. The world needs Canada. Canada will not fail the world.

The door to door rebate thing was weak. Really. is that vision? Is that not beneath him for this venue? Is this what we are looking for in a leader of a nation? Door to door rebates for energy efficient appliances? You lost me there Stephane and your speech writer should be demoted for that one.

Stephane did not do well with his timing as the music came up to signal his time is up and it made for a rather awkward finish. Ignatieff approached him as he left the stage and offered his hand.

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