Friday, December 01, 2006

Gerrard Kennedy.
Justin Trudeau introduces GK. Nice touch. He looks strong. Give this man 3 years in the House and he could own this country. Big ovation for GK. (Geez, no offence GK, but My father used to give haircuts like that in 1959 for $2.75 at the King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto.

One Canada. United. A Conservative government is pitting Canadians against Canadians for their own gain. Stephen Harper is salivating at the chance of a Conservative government. We will not let that happen.

I learned how to deal with Mike Harris and we threw out the Tories in Ontario in 2003. I know how to beat Stephen Harper.

Kennedy wades into foreign policy but frankly without much credibility although I will say that GK can deliver a speech. He is clear and effective and has good passion. But only in english.

Just like the Dion's performance before him, I am starting to think that the best thing about this speech is the intro...

The concerns of Quebec are the concerns of Canadians. A new Liberal agenda will win back the support in Canada. "...I will be proud to be the first Liberal leader born and raised in Western Canada..." See I have trouble with this...but I digress.

Integrity, hard work. We will win back the faith off Canadians by earning it. Canadians fair and generous but they are keeping an eye on us.

Listen to the "quiet noises." Lets profoundly unify this Country.
Merci beaucoup.

GK delivers the best speech so far. He will not win tonight, but he will always have our respect for his position earlier this week in the 'nation' debate.


Anonymous said...

Give him three years in the house, and he still won't be able to order a hamburger in French without three weeks of practice.

ford in Oakville rules the dude said...

No doubt your dad was a fine barber.