Thursday, November 13, 2008

And Then There Were Three.

Three left. But with these three, two choices become apparent. A choice between a new, youthful direction or a choice for older, experienced leadership. We remain steadfast in our belief, however, that neither senior candidate, Rae or Ignatieff, can win this thing without one throwing their support behind the other at some point between now and the last ballot. Who will blink first in that scenrio remains to be seen. Will either blink at all? Will Kennedy, Trudeau and Findlay and the like throw their support behind the younger LeBlanc? Will that support make a difference?

The party and the process is stronger this morning through attrition; maybe forced into this narrower field for financial reasons, or maybe the hype is true and one or two of these last three standing has amassed a much broader spectrum of support.

Either way the party's future is more in focus and with fewer to choose from, the direction becomes more defined.

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