Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lets Do The Math.

From the CBC online article earlier today,

"...The opposition is entitled to defeat the government as it sees fit, Harper said Friday, but Dion himself does not have the right to take power without an election. "They want to put in place a government led by one party which received its lowest popular vote since Confederation," he said.
"They want to put in place a prime minister who was rejected by the voters of Canada only six weeks ago."

Ahem... Mr. Harper... lets go back and review the results of the popular vote on October 14th, 2008.

Liberals 3,633,185
NDP'ers 2,515,561
Bloc'ers 1,379,991

The Coalition : 7,528,737
Conservatives : 5,208,796

The Canadian people have spoken.
Bring on the coalition.


Oldschool said...

Ain;t about popular vote DUMMY . . . its about seats . . . the libs have the fewest in decades.
Imagine having to count on the separatists to keep you in power . . . how many handouts would go to Quebec.
A non confidence vote would insure an election, these three parties could not get along for a week . . . a massive Conservative Majority would be the result.

Tell us dummy . . . would you hand out money like the lefties in the US are doing? The US is bankrupt . . . their money will be worth less than half a year from now . . . . the Ndips and libs would do the same to Canada . . . .
just tooooo clueless!!!

Arnone and Co. said...

SInce you have resorted to using "dummy" to make your point, allow us to do the same.

Its "ensure", not "insure", dummy.

Just too clueless!!!!

Anonymous said...

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