Tuesday, December 02, 2008

From Pierre Bourque Tonight. Late Breaking.

From http://www.bourque.org/


Finally, a sign of sanity. Better late than never. A first serious sign of leadership from the presumptive leader-in-waiting. Senior Ignatieff insiders are tantalizingly whispering to Bourque that the Toronto MP is having grave doubts about supporting the shocking Dion coalition bid, now labelled by many as the "Separatist Coalition", given the defining support it has from both the BQ's Gilles Duceppe and former PQ Premier Jacques Parizeau. One longtime senior Ignatieff backer, under condition of anonymity, confided that "Michael is in a tenuous situation and he is feeling a lot of heat from caucus colleagues and constituents alike. Frankly, we think we got snookered by Bob Rae on this one". It nets out to this, according to this longtime Liberal and echoed by many other key backroom players: ordinary Liberals across the country, the card-carrying bbq-ing door-knocking envelope-stuffing phone-banking kind who make up the backbone of the party and who would need to be counted on to support his leadership aspirations, are vehemently rejecting the Dion argument that a deal with the separatist Bloc Quebecois is in the best interests of Canada. "Bullshit", said one Liberal power-broker, who was quick to point out Dion is tilting at Liberal history for the sake of a short stint at 24 Sussex. "Dion is nuts", he told Bourque, "I am ashamed he is leading the party of Laurier, Pearson, Trudeau, and Chretien - my God, Chretien, the guy who poured out his federalist heart against Rene Levesque's country-killing forces so long ago - I am ashamed Dion is selling us out." He and the others are right, of course. Add to that a comment from one of Canada's leading media personalities, who told Bourque this evening that "the Liberals can never again say that they are the guardians of National Unity". He has a sobering point, unfortunately. Ignatieff, in turn, would be right to heed the growing chorus of advice from his own braintrust and to distance himself from this embarrassing marriage of expedience fueled by nothing more than the personal egos and ambitions of a relatively few desperate 'inside-the-beltway' political personalities, both elected and otherwise, the 'chip-on-their-shoulders' type who can't see beyond their disdain for Harper. In short, no act of clarity whatsoever ...... UPDATE 1:Meanwhile, former Lib MP & Deputy PM John Manley is also now distancing himself from Dion's unholy alliance, telling a G&M confcall that his inclusion in Dion's wise men sounding board is news to him. "I havent agreed to do anything", he said ...... UPDATE 2: Insiders are telling Bourque late this evening that "at least 15 opposition members are ready to break ranks and, if necessary, sit as independents. This group includes Dryden, Tonks, Bevilacqua (from Grits) and Angus (NDP)". Bourque is also hearing that "at least three Bloc members are considering same course of action and there maybe at least two Tories thinking of going the other way (as independents) - Michael 'Cheech' Chong and backbencher Lee Richardson." Developing ...


WesternGrit said...

Yeah, whatever. Bourque is "owned" isn't he? Wholly owned subsidiary of the CPC, isn't it? I doubt anything written over there. Especially, once again with the "anonymous sources". Perhaps the same sources which were saying Iggy was to be the new leader. Just before Iggy came walking out of the caucus meeting, hand-in-hand with his two leadership "opponents"...

Yeah, I'm sure Iggy would look just GREAT after THAT picture. I'm sure his riding voters would respect that.

Conservative bullshit... priceless.

Anonymous said...

Why would you re-post verbatim something from Borque? Not exactly the most reliable source, is it?

saii said...

It is really disgusting what the conservatives are doing right now. Are they really that desperate that they would resort to creating fake news?

Fake news sources such as Bourque should start watching tv and not listen to conservatives pretending to be "anonymous" liberal insiders.

Anonymous said...

I agree with western grit. There is no way this is true. This is more of the same nonsense that we saw in the National Post on Monday. The Cons are desperate. They probably believe that the only card they have left to play is to hope against hope that Liberals aren't as united as they are. I mean what else is there for them? They don't have a legal or constitutional leg to stand on.

Ted said...

Why are we trying so hard to help the Conservatives on this by spreading their propaganda?

Bourque Newsbought has been posting "headlines" calling Dion a French citizen, calling the coalition a coup attempt, calling the move anti-democratic and dangerous.

It shows just how desperate the Conservatives really are. But we should not be playing into their hands.

WesternGrit said...

You're right... I shouldn't have even posted that. I'm sure the CTV network and Global/CanWest will be covering it. Wonder how these people like being Harper's whores?

Steve V said...

Didn't we learn our lesson the other day? I did.

Steve V said...

Where are all the Jim Prentice stories? Lots and lots there, yet hardly a mention. Strange that, or maybe not so much.

Jack said...

Look, I want this coalition to succeed. But reports like this, true or not...they lower my expectations.

And, that's a good thing.

I'd advise you guys to lower your expectations somewhat. It helps ease the pain in case of failure.

Tobias said...

While we agree that his coverage has been one sided and deplorable at times, you are in denial if you think that there are not some problems looming.

MI said on CTV on Sunday that the decisions to form this coalition were not discussed with him and that they were decisions made by those "...above his pay scale..." that sounds remarkable like distancing to us.

Second, John Manley denied denied denied today on a Globe and Mail audio roundtable that he advised, was asked to advise or had anything to do with the coalition. That too sounds like distancing.

Where there is smoke there is fire, and you cannot deny that MI is playing this very carefully so as not to undermine his future as a credible leader.

This one is a hornets nest, and many are starting to use "what would Trudeau have done" as the measure by which some will be judged.

Ted said...

Bourque isn't even trying anymore on his blog.

In his "story", there is claim that Chretien would be ashamed. The guy who helped make the coalition happen would be ashamed.

The Tories are not even getting their money's worth out of this propaganda.

Jack said...

You know, if Ignatieff derails this thing, it's over for him too. I mean, the guy was getting support from the grassroots for the leadership. But if he turns, they'll despise him.

Tobias said...

This is what MI is thinking (from our post on Monday) and in our opinion, these are the 3 points that were not debated enough and could sink the ship. MI is aware of them and is distancing himself accordingly...

1. Has anyone stopped to think how this thing is going to play outside of Ontario and in particular, west of Saskatchewan?
2. Has anyone wondered what the long term implications are on the credibility of a Liberal leader who overthrows an existing government with the "support" of the party who would have us carve Quebec out of this confederation?
3. Has anyone considered how the optics of bedding Jack (Robin Hood) Layton and his merry band of lefties will affect the Liberal brand?

Tobias said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
wilson said...

CTV reports that Manley and McKenna are out. Will not take part in coalition.

Tomorrow, French newspapers carry a piece with the separatists endorsing Dion for PM, BECAUSE it will advance the separatist movement.

Kiss of death.

Arnone and Co. said...

Well lookie here...proof of our point No. 1 hot off the wire:


JCKelan said...

The PQ likes this coalition that you are forming with their separatist cousins. Doesn’t this cause you concern? If it’s good for the separatists, is it good for Canada?

Is this your legacy?

Think again!

JC Kelan

PQ says Quebec can be 'winner' under new coalition

Updated Tue. Dec. 2 2008 7:54 AM ET
The Canadian Press

MONTREAL -- Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois is applauding the possibility Quebec could emerge as a winner and "get things" from Ottawa under a new coalition federal government.

Marois suggested on Monday the participation of her party's federal cousin - the sovereigntist Bloc Quebecois - in governing Canada might result in gains for Quebec.

She offered little indication of what benefits she envisioned but she has lambasted Liberal Premier Jean Charest in recent days for allegedly remaining silent while Ottawa revised its equalization formula in a way that would slash transfer payments to Quebec by $1 billion.

She appeared to be referring to that equalization change as she replied to a question about the coalition deal during a provincial election campaign stop Monday. But Marois stopped in mid-sentence, perhaps aware of the political sensitivity surrounding the issue.
"If the Bloc Quebecois can get things for Quebec while Jean Charest is on his knees. . ." Marois said, her voice trailing off.

"It's Quebec that will come out the winner," she continued.

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